Julien Believe tours schools in West GB

Bahamian Singer/Songwriter Julien Believe visited seven local schools this week during his I Believe in You School Tour to encourage the youth and share his motto ‘Believe in Your self.’ (PHOTOS?COURTESY?OF?JULIEN?BELIEVE)

Bahamian singer and songwriter, Julien Believe (Julien Thompson) embarked on a school tour encompassing New Providence and Grand Bahama, bringing with him his uniquely diverse musical talent and his ‘Believe in Yourself’ mantra.


Thompson’s musical genre is an eclectic mix of island infused pop and the artist makes a point of taking The Bahamas’ brand to the world each time he performs overseas.


With his new music video, ‘Don’t Stop Whining for Me’ released this past Saturday, February 11 – Thompson still found the time to tour schools and spread his message through his, ‘I Believe in You’ School Tour.


Thompson spoke with this daily recently, as he concluded the tour of Grand Bahama schools. “Having a platform as a Bahamian artist is often taken for granted and we do not realize the influence we have on the community. 


“Over the last month I have been home, in The Bahamas, and realized the need to get into the schools, especially with the many challenges that are in our schools and our society. I wanted to empower our future leaders to believe in themselves. 


“The morale of our students is low at present and I really just wanted to do my part to encourage the youth and share my motto and mantra – ‘Believe in Yourself,’” Thompson shared.


Thompson toured 15 schools in New Providence before his trip to the second city, where he was able to visit seven schools. Noting that he will make a point of taking his same message to other Family Islands, Thompson expressed, how happy he was to be able to bring a smile to the students’ faces.


“It was such a humbling experience at each school, the students were very excited and had smiles all over their faces. I really look forward to coming back and sharing the love,” Thompson stated.


During the Nassau native’s visit to Grand Bahama, he shared that he was particularly happy to be able to visit the schools that received extensive damage due to Hurricane Matthew, including Lewis Yard Primary, Bartlett Hill Primary and Martin Town Primary.


The Bahamian artist’s previous music video, ‘Party Ambassadors’ was filmed on Grand Bahama, during the Junkanoo Carnival kick-off in April of last year with a predominantly Grand Bahamian cast. 


‘Party Ambassadors’ also featured Ricardo Drue, Beenie Man, and Fadda Fox and as a result showcased not only Grand Bahama, but the Caribbean music styles. 


Thompson’s aim has always been to showcase the Caribbean through his music and personal brand.


This music video, Thompson recalled, received excellent reviews and ratings while getting over one million views from all corners of the world.


“I got my musical start in Freeport so that is the reason I chose to shoot that video on Grand Bahama with all the color and personality that the people of Grand Bahama exude. The beautiful water and sand colors have been shown all over the world as the video has received incredible ratings,” Thompson noted.  


The Bahamian artist staid that his last three years have been very productive as he set several goals, all of which he managed to achieve. “My new music video ‘Don’t Stop Whining for Me,’ which will be released this Saturday truly represents my music, my sound and also shows the growth in Julien Believe the artist. It has already gone crazy on social media, and I have been told that it is my best song to date,” Thompson revealed.


In conclusion, the Bahamian Singer/Songwriter said he will embrace every opportunity he has to show what The Bahamas has to offer and hopes the young folk he was able to touch follow in his footsteps and take a chance in themselves, “All you have to do is believe!”


Published  Thursday, February 16, 2017 

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