‘Garden of Eden’ retreat Scheduled to begin today

New Life Natural Vegetation Cell Food Ltd. Restaurant CEO Jamal Moncur has partnered with 3rdEyeankh & Original Thoughts to host the first Biannual ‘Cruise to the Garden of Eden’ Retreat beginning today and continuing through Sunday March 26.


The retreat is expected to attract more than 100 visitors to Grand Bahama, which is branded by the promoters of the retreat as the Garden of Eden.


Moncur said that he is elated to organize the retreat, which he guarantees will be power-packed.


Health-conscious tourists from throughout the United States of America (USA), the United Kingdom (UK) and Canada will cruise to Grand Bahama on-board the Baleria to participate in the retreat with approximately 70 New Orleans natives learning how to grow and forage herbs and plants for their healing.


The Biannual ‘Cruise to the Garden of Eden’ Retreat is expected to provide “a new niche tourism market” for which Moncur as well as the entire New Life Natural Vegetation Cell Food Ltd. and its affiliate partners have expressed excitement.


“The Biannual ‘Cruise to the Garden of Eden’ Retreat is the first of its kind to be organized and held here on the island of Grand Bahama and will boost the Eco-Tourism market.


“New Life Natural Vegetation Cell Food Ltd. is working diligently to promote healthy living and that begins with understanding that indigenous herbs and plants are for the healing of the nation.


“Attention will be placed on Grand Bahama’s environment, educating those participating in the retreat as well as making locals aware of the preservation and utilization of indigenous plants throughout The Bahamas to promote a healthy lifestyle.


“Additionally, the retreat will showcase the island’s culture and folklore that is unique yet has elements that are interwoven and respected by health-conscious persons worldwide.


Retreat attendees will have the chance to sample vegan dishes, bush teas and the finest, quality cell and electric food at the grand opening as well as experience and view live food preparation demonstrations by Moncur and the New Life Natural Vegetation Cell Food Ltd. team.


“Anticipation has built so much so that tourists to Grand Bahama shores that have learned about the retreat have contacted New Life Natural Vegetation Cell Food Ltd. asking how they could participate in this event.


“While over 100 persons have signed up to cruise to Grand Bahama from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, New Life Natural Vegetation Cell Food Ltd. partners 3rdEyeankh & Original Thoughts have informed us that even more individuals traveling to the island, who have spoken with retreat cruisers are hopeful that accommodations would be expanded to include them as well.


“Definitely we are doing all we can to ensure the necessary arrangements are made and are hopeful that this event will be the catalyst to jump-start an annual New Life Natural Vegetation Cell Food Ltd. Convention on island with the support of the Ministry of Tourism, the Grand Bahama Island Tourism Board and Ministry of Agriculture & Marine Resources,” said.


There will be lots of giveaways, prizes and surprises during the event.


Published  Friday, March 24, 2017 


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