Boy Scouts Association donates to local home for the elderly

District Commissioner for Grand Bahama Reginald Dean

Community support and involvement and teaching young men the importance of being their brothers and sisters keepers are just two aspects of the Boy Scouts Association of The Bahamas and the association’s leaders and members in the Grand Bahama District endeavor to do their part to give back to persons within the community. 


On March 17 District Commissioner for Grand Bahama Reginald Dean, Scout Leader, 5th Grand Bahama Sea Scouts attached to the Pro-Cathedral of Christ the King assembled in the parking lot of Central’s Preschool and Home for the Elderly along with a number of Boy Scouts, to do just that. 


“Today we are making a presentation to the Central Home for the Elderly. Every year we choose a home to give items to, to help in giving back to the community. We are non-profit, but I am able to solicit items from a number of persons. Every year, sometimes two-to-three times per year, the same people will come forward and give us a hand.


“We receive donations from quite a few people to give back to persons who are here at the Home. We really would like to help them more, but we give what we can. Hopefully, the items will help them to keep the surroundings clean and for person to have items to use for personal use,” revealed Dean. 


As donations are made annually, Dean shared that GB District of the Boy Scouts Association chooses a different recipient every year. Items donated include – toiletries and cleaning supplies; however, this year, Dean shared that he was happy to also donate items from his home garden.


“I brought some coconuts, which I grow in my yard. Coconut water is always good for you. It is all natural and I wanted to share some with them.”


He shared why it was important to bring some of the Boy Scouts with him to make the presentation to the Central Home for the Elderly. “Bringing the youngsters here is important in showing them that one day, I may be in the position that some of these people are in; then one day they will be or their mother, sister or friend and they will be able to see how it is done, to give back to the elderly if we live to get old. We have to live to get old; in today’s society it is so bad, a lot of guys are not seeing the age of 25 … it is sad. 


“We are nurturing these boys to be the men of tomorrow, we have very young boys here and this is where we start. We do what we have to do; I am going to do my best to save at least one,” said Dean.


“We have a number of groups … we have groups in West End, Eight Mile Rock and in the Freeport area. I am now working on High Rock, trying to get a group established there,” disclosed Dean. 


Craig Turner, parent of a Boy Scout and spokesperson for Puritan Chemicals shared his thoughts on the opportunity to assist with the donation. 


“We try to assist whenever Mr. Dean asks us to help with the old folks home and wherever needed within the community. This is just a small gesture … we manufacture household cleaners on island. Anything from bleaches to laundry detergent, degreasers and drain openers. We do our part to assist, where we can.” 


Stephanie Emmanuel, a nurse at Central Home for the Elderly, added what it meant for the Home to receive such a kind gesture. 


“I think it is great that they are donating these items to the Home; these are items that we are always in need of. On behalf of the patients and the proprietor, Ms. Hudson, who was unable to be here for the presentation, we thank the Boy Scouts Association for this lovely donation.” 


A few of the Scouts on hand also revealed what making the presentation meant to them. 


Demeco Johnson Jr., 10, a student of Walter Parker Primary shared his thoughts on making the donation to Central Home for the Elderly. 


“It feels great to donate to old people, because they can teach us a lot of great things. When I grow up I want to be just as wise as them.” 


Questioned what he likes most about being a Boy Scout, Johnson responded, “I have been a Boy Scout for over a year. I enjoy it, because we get to help people. Sometimes we clean, we play and we also bake. 


He shared his favorite baking dish to prepare are cupcakes.


Twelve-year-old Matthew Taylor disclosed, “It feels awesome to come here today to make this donation. We get to help the older persons in our community feel better. I love being a Boy Scout, it is fun and we get to go camping.”


Persons interested in finding out more about the Boy Scouts Association can contact Dean at 646-9113. “I am willing to help, to nurture our boys. A lot of these boys have challenges, especially at home. As adults we allow the children to stray away and get away with nonsense; I am not one of them. I love children and I love to help people, that is one our mandates, helping other people. We teach that daily.”


Published  Wednesday, March 29, 2017 


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