Anti-Bullying Club for Teens tour gains momentum

The St. Georges’ High School Anti-Bullying Club for Teens (ABC for Teens) continues to gain momentum

The St. Georges’ High School Anti-Bullying Club for Teens (ABC for Teens) continues to gain momentum, as founders Jada and Jerell Strachan conduct school tours throughout the Grand Bahama community sharing the vision and mission of the association, which had been certified by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture nearly two years ago.


Yesterday, the Anti-Bullying Club for Teens visited Jack Hayward High School, which is the second stop on the school tour route discussing the necessity for the institution to establish its own club in collaboration with St. Georges High School by several members including the Strachan sisters. 


“Little by little, a little becomes a lot and certainly in the day and age in which we are living, bullying has arrived at an unprecedented level, hence the need for the development of an Anti-Bullying Club for Teens at schools throughout the community.


“Today it is imperative that we deliver the Anti-Bullying Club for Teens’ message to youth of all ages as well as establish clubs in every school for continued awareness of this vexing issue and to eradicate the four types of bullying used against youth not only in our schools but also our neighborhoods, communities and the nation at large.


“The Anti-Bullying Club for Teens’ serves to educate students regarding the negative affects of bullying as well as to stomp out this destructive behavior through the development of positive interaction among peers.


“Definitely, the Anti-Bullying Club for Teens’ helps individuals to develop self esteem and confidence within oneself as well as teaches students how to be kind to each other, be their brother’s keeper and to be sensitive, empathetic, compassionate and sympathetic toward one another while promoting respect for others despite their diversities in background, style and social economics.


“Additionally, we also teach students how to say no to bullying, stand up for themselves as well as the victims of bullying,” revealed the ABC for Teens Board members.


Every Thursday, the Anti-Bullying Club for Teens conducts its on-campus meeting beginning at 1:00 p.m., which comprises diverse activities inclusive of active debates, identifying bullish tendencies and actions as well as informative chit-chats with members of the community and students alike, who share their experiences with overcoming bullying or reforming their behavior as bullies themselves.


With the use of various anti-bullying tactics inclusive of dramatization and poetry, the Strachan sisters have been able to motivate and inform the public as well as new members on the harmful impact bullying has on youth throughout society.


As a matter of fact, the Strachan sisters with the support of their parents Jerome and Bethsheba as well as St. GHS Anti-Bullying Club Advisor Ms. Gibson, club members and administrators, they have been afforded the opportunity to host Anti-bullying Speech & Activities Competitions, ABC for Teens Special Assemblies & Awards and luncheons, which enhances school spirit, fun and excitement among the populace however, the organization firmly believes in demonstrating our seriousness about getting the clubs message to the masses as it relates to all aspects of bullying.


“The Anti-Bullying Club for Teens believes in demonstrating good character and behavior by all its members and listens attentively and confidentially to one another, as our fellow students now trust us and confide in us regarding various challenges they have or may be experiencing that could prove harmful to their physical and emotional well-being.


“We counsel students and aggressively spread the message of peace, love and unity within our school and have utilized the common fact that students understand students to our advantage by relating to one another ensuring that we feel comfortable confiding in each other versus and an adult in most instances.


“Of course this was proven by way of a survey taken in our school and when situations arrive to an extreme we refer our peers to seek guidance and the involvement of our very understanding advisor Ms. Gibson, who remains supportive at all times.


“Now we wish to help the Wildcats of Jack Hayward High School, which is our sister school establish an Anti-Bullying Club for Teens at this campus, as we urge all of you to get on-board becoming the change you want to see by partnering with us as we embark on a cutting-edge campaign to stomp out bullying in schools throughout the Grand Bahama community and The Bahamas at large.


“The Anti-Bullying Club for Teens is a super organization established by students and operated by student for the benefit of students with the guidance of adults, as we deal with victims of bullying by bringing awareness about the four types of bullying that includes cyber, verbal, physical and covert bullying,” revealed Jada Strachan.


Verbal bullying involves a bully consistently insulting and/or making fun of another student while physical bullying involves hitting, pinching, and slapping etcetera of students they believe are inferior to the aggressor.


Of course covert bullying involves the use of power and influence to slyly exclude an individual from participating in activities however, the most prominent of all tactics used by bullies is cyber bullying, which involves a person using the Internet to post embarrassing photos, videos, emails, vicious rumors/falsehoods and the like on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as well as Whatsapp to demean or disparage the victims’ character and/or reputation.


“The Anti-Bullying Club for Teens believes in the ‘Golden Rule,’ which says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” and as we are keenly aware that any and all of the four types of bullying affects students/youth on a daily basis, it is our goal to sensitize our peers to that fact and stomp it out.


“Bullying not only affects the victim in most aspects of his or her life such as causing them to have low self esteem, as well as it harms them psychologically and emotionally but also their parents, who cannot stand to see their child hurting but without the proper intervention they feel helpless and believe nothing can be done to rectify the situation.


“Therefore we remind all bullies that what you do will come back to haunt you and while it may not happen directly to you, remember you will one day have offspring and family members, who unfortunately, may be the direct target of bullies so think before you act and if you are a bully quit the destructive behavior today before it’s too late.


“Bullying affects millions globally and cyber bullying tactics cause things to go around the world quickly, yes, beyond our little nation having devastating affects on the victim’s life, which have a long-lasting impact so we urge all to remember John 13:34, which states, “A new Commandment I give unto you, love one another as I have loved you.”


“So please bullies stop this reckless, ungodly and demeaning behavior now as it does not make you any better than those you hurt, in fact, only hurt people (bullies) hurt others.


“To others we ask you not to just stand by as someone is being bullied, instead stand up and speak up for others as well as yourself and look up too, as help is here through the efforts of the Anti-Bullying Club for Teens and you,” declared Jada Strachan.


Jack Hayward High School principal Yvonne Ward expressed her elation with the efforts of the Strachan sisters and the members of the Anti-Bullying Club for Teens noting that an initiative such as this can only assist schools in stomping out the scourge of bullying.


She noted that oftentimes the bullying tactics used are subtle, but evidence of the demeaning behavior is all around especially as it relates to cyber bullying and while some students do not consider themselves as bullies but jokesters, it takes the proactive approach of organizations like the St. GHS Anti-Bullying Club for Teens to bring youth to this realization before it is too late.


“Bullying others is no joking matter especially if someone does not want fellow students repeating or committing a certain act against them hence we are happy that the St. GHS Anti-Bullying Club for Teens stopped by to educate us all and help others stand up and effectively handle such a situation.


“Definitely I am encouraging the implementation of an Anti-Bullying Club for Teens here at the Jack Hayward High School as well as I implore other schools both public and private to do the same, as indeed it is a wonderful initiative.


“We intend to liaise with and become a branch member of the St. GHS Jack Hayward High School, which is our sister school,” said Ward.


The Anti-Bullying Club of St. Georges’ High School will continue its school tour next week by visiting Sunland Baptist Academy followed by Eight Mile Rock High School and for other schools and youth organizations wishing to learn more all are encouraged to telephone 1-(242)-352-7373 for additional information and educational Anti-Bullying Club paraphernalia.


Published  Thursday, March 30, 2017 


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