Island wide day of prayer set for Holy Thursday

Pictured from left are pastors Cedric Beckles

Officials and members of the Grand Bahama Christian Council (GBCC) announced yesterday that while, for a number of years, the Annual  ‘March to Calvary’ would take place on Good Friday in remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifice, this year the council decided to host an island-wide day of prayer.


The day of prayer is set to take place today, Holy Thursday, often referred to as Maundy Thursday. 


 “For many years, the Grand Bahama Christian Council has involved churches and believers throughout the island in an island-wide ‘March to Calvary.’ This year, we have opted for an island-wide prayer gathering. We believe that the times in which we are living, demands that we spend time together, urgently, in prayer for our nation, and for our people. I am very delighted that we have a hard working committee, led by pastor Nelson Bain, who is coordinating our prayer gatherings,” said Rev. Peter Pinder, GBCC president.


Bain, pastor of New Beginning Life Ministries International and coordinator of the day of prayer encouraged residents from East End to West End to come out and participate at three strategic locations, to unite for the day of prayer during the Holy Week. 


“Our scheduled time for the island-wide prayer on Thursday evening, Maundy Thursday, is at the Independence Park, for Freeport proper, at 7:00 p.m. We have a wonderful schedule laid out for times of prayer and worship unto the Lord. We are inviting our entire community to come out, to our locations. 


“We will also meet at the House of Praise, Treasure Plaza, located in Deadman’s Reef, which is pastored Rev. Harrison Walkins. We are inviting the persons in West End and the surrounding areas to attend the time of prayer at his location. In East End at Emmanuel Baptist Church, where pastor Henry Cooper is pastor, we are inviting persons in that area to attend the prayer at his church. All services are slated to begin promptly at 7:00 p.m. at the respective locations,” said Bain. 


“We have already scheduled a time of fasting and prayer for the various needs that we have in our homes, our communities and in our nation. In particular, because of this time of election season that we are going into, we believe that this is a critical time in our nation. I am sure that our president did not know the date when the election would be called, but, he selected that this was the time that the church ought to come together as one and pray.”


Noting that the day of prayer is an effort to demonstrate unity regardless of denomination, Bain said that the GBCC is requesting that all persons in attendance wear white.


Additionally, he disclosed that T-shirts for the event are also on sale.


“We want all to come out to these various locations and show unity. We are asking everyone to wear white, just to show unity; we can do more together than we can do apart. The church is one body as we all know, so we are inviting our community of believers to come together and make a special effort to be on time.” 


Bain noted that a special invitation is extended to young people to come out. “We will have a marching band present in Freeport, but we want our young people to make their way to the locations in West End and East End as well.


“God answers prayer, prayer changes our hearts and indeed will change things. Grand Bahama, you all are invited to come out and pray with us,” concluded Bain. 


Apostle Rita Stuart encouraged persons interested in purchasing a T-shirt for the prayer gathering, to contact her at 478-5146 or 439-0130. “We are looking forward to your support; please come out in your white and let us pray as one nation under God,” stated Stuart.  


Published  Thursday, April 13, 2017 


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