Grand Bahama Christian Council calls for calm heads and peace during election season

Grand Bahama Christian Council (GBCC) executives encouraged Bahamians

As the country’s General Election quickly approaches, members of the Grand Bahama Christian Council (GBCC) encouraged Bahamians, regardless of their political views, to let calm heads prevail.


The clergymen called for residents, during the election season and as a Christian nation, to continue to seek God’s guidance on the country’s behalf throughout the electoral campaigns and beyond.  


Rev. Peter Pinder, GBCC president revealed, “As president of the Grand Bahama Christian Council, I want to make a special appeal to our people, especially believers, to continue to pray throughout this period for God’s guidance.


“I believe that this is very important, because over the years we have observed that many people get carried away and are highly influenced by their political views and biases, as opposed to looking to God for direction for our country. 


“I believe that all believers, everywhere, need to really pray and be guided by the Spirit of God. We may think we know how to vote, but I can assure everyone of us that if our votes are guided by the Spirit of God, we will be safe,” said Pinder. 


“I also want to appeal for calm. I have lived long enough to know that there were times in our country when there were many elections that were filled with violence, which does not help in any positive way, rather it is destructive. 


“I would hope that our people will take their various positions that they feel led to take, but at the same time respect the rights and privileges of everyone else. We are all entitled to our own opinion,” he added. 


Bishop Cardinal McIntosh, pastor of Grand Bahama Family Worship Center, admonished those who are registered to vote, to exercise their democratic right. 


“I would just like to encourage all of our citizenry that this is an important time in our nation, as always, but also it affords us an opportunity to exercise a right that we have been given, we have been granted, we have been born into that a lot of the world is not privileged to and that is the right to vote. 


“This is a privilege of ours and even as a nation, I think that we really should exercise that right to vote … the candidate of your choice, the party of your choice.” 


Senior pastor of Calvary Temple Assembly of God, Rev. Robert Lockhart, reiterated the sentiments of his colleagues stating, “I would just like to encourage, especially in the Christian community all of our churches, let us be prayerful about our elections; because we know that whatever decision we make of course, will affect us for the next five years. 


“We have to be prayerful and allow God to direct our hearts, give us a sense of the right persons and be able to make the right decisions, but to celebrate like Bishop McIntosh mentioned, to celebrate the fact that we do have the right to vote. 


“As I listen on television, many times, there are people that are dying for the simple right to choose their government, and so this is a privilege. Let us celebrate this privilege, but let us also be prayerful that at the end of the day, we will make the right decisions that will work well for us in the future, for the years to come,” concluded Lockhart.  


Published  Tuesday, April 18, 2017 


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