Former Memories managers claim redundancy pay ‘not right’

Former Memories workers are pictured during one of the pay out days last week in Grand Bahama.  (PHOTO:?TFN)

Former supervisors and managers at Memories Grand Bahama Beach Resort and Casino are outraged.


The group claimed that they were given redundancy pay of line staff, rather than what they are legally due. Now they are calling on the Labour Board and the government to step in before Memories waves its final goodbye on Friday this week.


Spokesperson for the group, Natasha Pelecanos, former Assistant Manager in the Engineering Department, along with other supervisors shared their concerns about the monies, they claimed, is owed to the 40-plus supervisors.


“Assistant managers were given the pay of line staff,” Pelecanos claimed yesterday (Tuesday, February 14) morning, during an interview with this daily. “I was the Assistant Manager – I hired, fired and suspended so that was my position. When I went to pick up my redundancy pay, I expected to receive what was due to me by Bahamian law as a supervisor.”


However, Pelecanos maintained that she was offered a line staff redundancy pay. “I did everything in the department and in crunch time they pay me half.


“Now the Labour Board is saying there are different levels of supervisors … that is a bunch of garbage. If I was hiring, firing and suspending then I am a manager. 


“I assumed it is because I went to the media; however, 40-plus other people are in the same situation as I am,” Pelecanos alleged.


According to Pelecanos, she spoke with the Minister for Grand Bahama, Dr. Michael Darville last Friday (February 10) and he said he was unaware of the payments being incorrect, but did not offer any assistance. 


“I told him I would go to The Freeport News and he said go!” She alleged.


Pelecanos said she and the others are now requesting the government do the “right thing” and insist the supervisors are paid what is owed them before Memories is a thing of the past.


Tameka Marshall, Assistant Purchasing Manager at Memories said that her main concern is that if this discrepancy is not sorted by Friday, the date she has been told the top managers leave for good, those owed more in redundancy pay will have no chance of recouping what is owed. 


“When many of us were offered our redundancy pay there were no representatives from the Labour Board, the government or even Memories present,” Marshall maintained.


“I asked Ms. Culmer (Mary), our Human Resource Manager about the law regarding redundancy pay, but she had no answer. I took legal representation and was told not to sign for my check as once you sign you are in agreement with the payment,” Marshall claimed.


The former Assistant Purchasing Manager alleged that when money was being distributed, several of the supervisors attempted to contact the General Manager (Andres Sosa) to speak with him about the fact they were short changed; however, she claimed he refused to meet with them and said that is what they are paying.


The two former employees believe that someone from the Labour Board should have been present, during the payouts to assist them with any queries. 


“Now we are asking the government to force their hands before they leave The Bahamas for good. Memories has no ties in The Bahamas, so once they are gone that is the end of it. It is a must the government intervenes by this Friday ” Pelecanos said. 


Engineering Supervisor Dwayne Grant also shared his displeasure with Memories payments distributed last week. 


“The company has completely ignored that many of us were in managerial positions.”



Published  Wednesday, February 15, 2017 

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