FNMs kick off election season in GB

GONE RED – Free National Movement (FNM) Leader

Hundreds of residents celebrated election  kick-off season with the  formal introduction of the Free National Movement’s (FNM) candidates for the island  at the party’s first official rally in Grand Bahama, Friday (March 17) night at the A Social Affair Convention Center.

Residents dressed in customary FNM red and blue welcomed all five candidates with exuberant cheering and the constant waving of FNM flags, posters and other party paraphernalia.

 FNM Leader, Dr. Hubert Minnis led the rally along with all candidates – Iram Lewis for Central Grand Bahama; Deputy Leader of the FNM Peter Turnquest for East Grand Bahama; Michael Pintard for Marco City; Frederick McAlpine for  Pineridge, and Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe for West Grand Bahama and Bimini. 

The event kicked off with FNM Senator James Kwasi Thompson as master of ceremonies and an upbeat musical performance by pastor Simeon Outten and the New Life Band. 

“We’re getting ready to send a message to the whole Bahamas that Freeport is FNM,” Thompson exclaimed.

Thompson added that the FNM is getting ready to rescue Grand Bahama, because it cannot survive another term under the current ruling party the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP).

“We are sending a message to the PLP that we are not giving you any more time here in Grand Bahama, because it is the people’s time,” he said. 

The promise of change and potential for economic growth on an island faced with devastation after several setbacks over the years, was made at the event. It was crowned as Grand Bahama’s FNM Change Launch 2017.

Each candidate made brief speeches, which further excited the attendees.  

Travis Robinson, the FNM candidate for Bain and Grant’s Town also attended and appealed to young voters during his statements. He encouraged them to register and vote to see change.

Bahamian recording artists Jah Troy and Monty G also performed to uplift the crowd. 

The event was broadcast live on social media as well as news stations. 

The Freeport News will provide further articles from candidates and Dr. Minnis, in Monday’s edition of The Freeport News.


Published Saturday, March, 18, 2017

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