Value of country’s educational system praised by UB officer

Orthnell Dames (far right)

Over 200 high school seniors were told the benefits of staying in The Bahamas to attain degrees during the 5th Annual Open House for the University of the Bahamas (UB), formerly College of the Bahamas, on Friday past at the Northern Bahamas Campus.


Cheyanne Harvey, Office of Recruitment and Admissions said the University invited all high school seniors to the campus in order to encourage and motivate them to select the institution as their choice for tertiary education.


The students were able to listen to the personal experiences of the present Dean of Students, Dr. Teo  Cooper, who attended the college himself.


 “When the students then went to breakout sessions, based on their career choices, our professors in the different departments gave them the details and told them of salaries they could expect.


“We expected about 200 students, however it went well over that. Our School of Business and our School of Science are our most-sought, followed closely by the School of Education,” Harvey informed.


Dean of Students and Assistant Professor in the Department of Education, Dr. Cooper, spoke to the prospective UB students on the benefits of studying for one’s degree at home.


“A degree at UB costs three times less than if you study abroad and as a student here you are among persons who have a vested interest in their successes,” Cooper noted.


The Dean of Students explained that in today’s global world, having a degree is very important, particularly if students want salaries that would sustain them and their family with the current rate of inflation in mind and he praised the general system at UB.


“UB is known for a good quality education, and the Open House allowed the faculty to share the courses we offer. There is clear indication that enrollment has increased. The President’s goal is to make the north campus a center of excellence for manufacturing and entrepreneurship courses that will only be offered. UB will increase Bio-Chem and Secondary Education courses as well,” Cooper said.


Orthnell Dames, Division Public Relations Director, Student Government Association gave the high school seniors considering UB, a student’s perspective on the institution.


“Initially I gave the students a few ideas to assist them on making the transition from High School to University. I spoke on how UB is economically viable; and the different degree opportunities offered; the many job opportunities; and the small campus that allows for one-on-one interactions with professors. We have a system that advocates for the students. We also have a great student body association,” Dames explained.


Carlene Davis-Williams, Coordinator of the Guidance Department at Jack Hayward Senior High School (JHSHS) accompanied the students from that school and spoke to this daily.


“I am extremely impressed by the number of students that expressed an interest in UB by submitting applications today (at the Open House).”


Davis-Williams disclosed that from JHSHS, 24 students applied while attending the Open House, adding that there would have been more but several opted to stay at school to complete coursework for upcoming BGCSE examinations.


“The JHSHS Class of 2017 is really special. Ever since the College Symposium back in November, where they were motivated by college reps to continue on to post-secondary institutions, a lot of them are researching schools and applying. I think it is sinking in that a college education is attainable and necessary in this age, whether they attend full-time or part-time. I must commend the students and their parents and guardians for their support,” Davis-Williams stated.


Kayah Shepherd, a 12th grade student at St. George’s High School voiced satisfaction.


“The trip to UB was extremely useful to me because it opened my eyes to the benefits of attending University. I learnt that it is better to stay home to get my degree than to go to a foreign country to study and pay twice as much.”


Shepherd added that she found out during the Open House that many students graduating from the institution are offered jobs immediately after graduation and some while still in college.


“The Open House has helped me to decide exactly which field I want to go in to. I was not aware that I could double major, so now I aspire to major in Marine Science and Business Management,” Shepherd stated.


Published  Monday, February 13, 2017 


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