Sunland Baptist Academy youngsters learn how to put the ‘sting’ on bullying

Students of the Sunland Lower School are pictured showing off their anti-bullying wristbands

Sunland Baptist Academy (SBA Lower School) Stingers on Monday, April 3, 2017 listened attentively, as the St. Georges’ High School Anti-Bullying Club for Teens members shared vital information with students and teachers about the organization, which aims to put an end to bullying in schools across Grand Bahama.


Jada and Jerell Strachan, ABC for Teens Co-founders continue to work hard to educate, raise awareness of, and eradicate the scourge of bullying that oftentimes causes serious emotional, physical and psychological damage to those being bullied.


The ‘Little’ Stingers of SBA received help identifying the four types of bullying tactics that are, regrettably, used to intimidate and hurt victims of bullies, thanks to ABC for Teens members.


Verbal, physical, covert and cyber bullying has risen to unprecedented levels with the latter being the most popular choice of bullies due to the Internet age, Jerell noted.


“Definitely, it is important for the ABC for Teens of St. Georges High School to help our fellow students combat bullying by sharing our message from campus to campus.


“Today we are here at Sunland Baptist Academy to assist the primary school division identify the various types of tactics used by bullies and help them put the ‘sting’ on this negative behavior that could have irreparable affects on the psyche of those being bullied.


“The ABC for Teens members informed the Little Stingers that words do hurt and bullies are simply hurt individuals trying to hurt others, however; it is imperative that each one does his or her part to exact the ‘Golden Rule’ of Life, which is ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’


“We are grateful to Ms. Tanya Bain, SBA Lower School Coordinator for allowing us to share the ABC for Teens vision and mission with the Little Stingers as truly it must begin from the primary level.


“Once we effect change at this stage, we would have a greater chance of stomping out the destructive behavior in all aspects of students’ lives,” said Jerell, who along with her twin sister Jada and ABC for Teens members distributed the organization’s official fluorescent lime green, Anti-Bullying Club wristbands sponsored by ParrisWhittaker Counsel and Attorneys-at-Law that serves as a constant reminder to the students to speak up and out against bullying.


Proud to see that the ‘Little’ Stingers were receptive to the message of the ABC for Teens organization, which has been certified by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture for nearly two years, Bain noted, “Certainly the Little Stingers of Sunland Baptist Academy were enlightened by the information shared by the St. Georges High School Anti-Bullying Club for Teens.


“When Jada and Jerell Strachan contacted the school asking to share their message with our students, particularly those in the primary (lower) school division, we readily embraced the opportunity.


“Children learn and develop principles that they will take with them throughout their lives at this stage hence we thought it fitting as teachers and administrators, who are responsible for guiding our pupils along the right path to receive this vital information now,” Bain added.


“Like fists, words and the malicious actions of bullies do hurt and intimidate thus we want to create an anti-bullying environment here at SBA by first educating our students, raising awareness among our populous about the types of tactics used by bullies and to put the ‘sting’ on the behavior once and for all.


“Of course, there was no better way to achieve this than to have the St. Georges’ High School Anti-Bullying Club for Teens interact with our students and as a result of the presentation made by the ABC for Teens members, our students have gained an enhanced understanding of the causes and affects bullying continues to have on the bullied,” said Bain.


“Additionally, the presentation has greatly helped our teachers with disciplining students, who constantly “pick on” one another as well as the information assists those being bullied to develop the confidence to speak up against it.


“Cyber bullying definitely has arrived at an all-time high among our students due to the unlimited access the Internet and social media provides.


“It is imperative that we train our students to be responsible when using the Internet and certainly the St. Georges High School Anti-Bullying Club for Teens demonstrated what that entails as it regards identifying, speaking up and out when a peer does not adhere to the Golden Rule.


“Once SBA is provided with more information we would like to form a branch of the Anti-Bullying Club here not only for the lower school but the high school too.”


Thus far the St. Georges’ High School Anti-Bullying Club for Teens has gained major success along each leg of the school tour, which speaks volumes about the organization, which is for students and run by students, hoping to make a positive change in the community.


The statistical and practical information provided by ABC for Teens members has not only helped victims of bullying, but also deepened the discussions already being had as to assisting bullies to reform their destructive habits.


Inspired by the hard work, dedication and diligence of the ABC for Teens members is Bethsheba Strachan, Parental Chaperone and mother of Jada and Jerell, she noted, “The St. Georges High School Anti-Bullying Club for Teens members have not gone into a school whereby the excitement and receptiveness of students, teachers and administrators alike has been diminished.


“In fact, they are welcomed with open arms and thus far the schools have pledged to form a branch of Anti-Bullying Club on their campus.


“The ABC for Teens members are doing a phenomenal job of educating the students on the cause and affects of bullying as well as how to proactively handle each instance of it.


“Oftentimes we hear little ones complain of a certain student or group of students constantly “picking on” them and today the ABC for Teens members were able to help them understand exactly what that means as well as learn how to stand up, speak up and combat bullying.


“Indeed I am proud of Jada and Jerell as well as each member of the St. Georges High School Anti-Bullying Club for Teens members and I believe greater blessings would derive from this campaign, as it will help the victims of bullying, cause others who may not be bullied to speak out and help reform the behavior of bullies in the process; which would in turn help reduce conflicts in schools, neighborhoods and communities across the island.”


The Anti-Bullying Club of St. Georges High School will continue its school tour by visiting Eight Mile Rock High School hence for other schools and youth organizations wishing to learn more and receive ABC for Teens official pamphlets and educational paraphernalia all are encouraged to telephone 1-(242)-352-7373.


Published  Tuesday, April 4, 2017 

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