Students’ talent on display

 Grade 12 Commercial Art students pictured from left: Nelson Charles

The art and craft students at the Jack Hayward Senior High School (JHSHS) have once again been given the opportunity to exhibit their art work off school premises for the public to view, enjoy and critique.


For the third time, the Art and Craft Department at JHSHS have set up an exhibit of the students’ work at the Sir Charles Hayward Children’s Library on the Mall, Downtown Freeport. The exhibit is now open and will run until the end of the month (March).


Alisa Streather-Robinson, Subject Coordinator of the JHSHS Art Department along with Benjamin Ferguson, Art Teacher and Assistant Mary Rahming have clearly been working hard to ensure the students taking part produce work worthy of the exhibit and successful national exam passes.


Streather-Robinson said that each of them works with art and craft students to “explore, create, inspire and challenge them to reach their full potential.” 


The Subject Coordinator explained that the school has students from the Commercial Art Course and others who take Art as an Elective with work at the exhibit. “Work is on display from students in my Grade 10, 11 and 12 classes. The students have worked really hard and it is hoped visitors will leave positive comments to encourage the young artists after they view the work,” Streather-Robinson stated.


The Subject-Coordinator furthered that the Art Elective students were very surprised and humbled to have their work on exhibit. “One student even blushed with joy,” she said.


Ferguson added that, “It is a pleasure to have students’ work displayed in a different space other than the classroom wall. I am proud of what the students were able to create.”


Grade 12 Commercial Art student Nelson Charles shared that in Grade 10 he had his work exhibited and was very excited about it at that time. “This made me want to work very hard through Grade 11 and 12 so that I could continue having work exhibited. Since Grade 10 I have developed my work so I can burnish in colour pencils and I know how to work in water colours,” Charles proudly stated.


Ahiro Moncur also of Grade 12 Commercial Art said he treasures the art award he received in Grade 10 and 11, and hopes to repeat this in his his final year. “I have learned that art is not as easy as it seems, and if you don’t do it right you have to do it over. I feel awesome to be able to show people my art work and I hope it encourages young artists out there to keep trying, as you will get better,” Moncur added.


Keith Ferguson, another Grade 12 Commercial Art student at JHSHS said he is thrilled that his artwork will be on display, adding that it will be the first time his art has been in an exhibit.


JHSHS Art student Kristen Pratt stated, “I feel pretty good about exhibiting my work for the public to enjoy. With my work being on show it means that the public can see my art skills. To everyone who wishes to try art, I say be awesome.”


The Art Department at JHSHS wants to encourage the community to take the time to view the students’ art and craft that is displayed and enjoy the talent that is often confined to the Art classroom. The exhibition can be viewed during normal opening hours of the Children’s Library until March 31. 


Published  Thursday, March 9, 2017 


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