Student Of The Year Marvin Johnson Jr.

Beginning today, each Thursday there will be the added dimension of “Community Spotlight” published. Community Spotlight will highlight a deserving resident of Grand Bahama. On this initial occasion, we salute Marvin Johnson Jr.


Sixth-grader Marvin Lee Johnson Jr. was recently named Student of the Year at Bishop Michael Eldon Lower School. Young Johnson was chosen in December last year from among his peers after applying and completing two essays. The first one consisted of 250 words on the topic, “Why I should be Student of the Year” and the second, a 500 word essay on the topic, “Is Community Service Good for the Bahamas.”  Other requirements for student of the year included having a GPA of at least 3.5. Johnson’s GPA was a 3.67. He also participates in sports, church and community service.


Johnson said he was thankful to God for allowing him to get the award, and he encouraged other children.


“You may not be the top of your class but you can still do great things” said Johnson.


His parents, Marvin Sr. and Karon Johnson were elated.


“His daily activities and just the way we live, marry up with a student of the year person. What he does on a regular basis is truly who he is and what our household stands for,” pointed out the parents.


Marvin Jr. swims five times a week, plays soccer, flag football, tennis, baseball, track and field and basketball.


His parents are letting him excel in the different sports at this time, but as he gets older he will be left to decide what sport he would gravitate to.


Monique Dieufaite vice principal of Bishop Michael Eldon School Primary Department informed of how Marvin Johnson was chosen as the nominee for student of the year.


“We used the criteria of the foundation and all of our grade six students are encouraged and submit their information. Then a team of teachers go through it and select our representative for the school from among 42 students. The requirements were sports, academics, community service and culture,” the vice principal disclosed.


Published  Thursday, January 19, 2017 


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