St. Paul’s Methodist salutes four ‘Honor Roll’ students

St. Paul’s Methodist College presented their students of the month with a Mustard Seed Champ award for academic excellence for the months of December 2016 through March 2017.

St. Paul’s Methodist College (St. PMC) Saints recently celebrated the 8th Annual Installment of Excellence in Academics.


Showcased were four students who were designated the ‘Little Mustard Seed’ Champs. Jenai Barnabie, Dylan Woods, Jordan Weir and Gregory Laing III are said to have worked diligently during the winter semester to earn their places on the Honor Roll.


Barnabie,Woods, Weir and Laing III were named ‘Student of the Month’ for December 2016 and January, February and March 2017, respectively.


Parents and family members of the champs credit the determination, creativity, love and encouragement of educator Natasha ‘Mother Bloomer’ Thompson, with the success of the champs.


Thompson says she applies the following formula: Teacher+student+parent= success. That way, she says she has been able to develop a rapport with each parent, a prime foundation that fosters even better relationships with the students. Thus, Thompson is able in a comfort zone to nurture her students in positive ways.


According to Thompson, once children are provided with the right environment to grow, learn and thrive spiritually, academically, athletically and socially, there is absolutely nothing he or she cannot achieve.


“Truly I have been blessed with a passion for helping children to develop a love of learning and reading. Oftentimes their confidence can waver due to the fact that persons do not understand that each one develops in his or her own way. Therefor it is incumbent upon teachers as well as parents to work diligently to motivate them to excel.


“Once everyone follows a standard of operating that is advantageous for the students they are responsible for molding, similar to the teacher+student+parent= success concept and they are supported, like I am, by Principal Lin Glinton, Vice Principal Renay Russell, the PTA Board and the entire St. Paul’s Methodist Church and school family, our students will thrive.


“Definitely, I appreciate the parents and guardians of my students as well as corporate sponsors who take time out to invest in the lives of my students who are the leaders of our tomorrow,” Thompson concluded.


Published  Friday, March 24, 2017 


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