Rolle: Inaugural National High School graduation venue still undecided

Marvin Rolle

June 16 will see the first joint High School Graduation on Grand Bahama, with the three government high schools sharing the climax of the 12-year journey together under this year’s Ministry of Education theme, ‘Educating Students to be Life Long Learners.’


With the introduction of the National High School Diploma in 2014, the first set of graduates are months away from their big day, which this year, for the first time, will be a joint ceremony with all participating schools on Grand Bahama in one place. 


Marvin Rolle, District Education Officer, Ministry of Education (MOE) Northern District told this daily in an exclusive interview recently, that despite no confirmed venue at this time, sub-committees are working feverishly to ensure the inaugural National High School Graduation on Grand Bahama sets a standard that will be spoken of for years to come.


“We have two locations in mind, which I would prefer not to disclose right now. We are making sure the T’s are crossed before we disclose the final location for the inaugural joint graduation. 


“We had a location in mind, but unfortunately that did not pan out. The three public schools have sub-committees that are working together,” Rolle said.


The District Education Officer claimed that the location will be announced sooner rather than later, noting that with the large numbers involved in the graduation itself it is imperative the location decided on is large and comfortable enough to accommodate all in attendance. 


In addition to not having a confirmed location, Rolle added that presently it is impossible to say if the Minister of Education, Jerome Fitzgerald will be at the graduation on Grand Bahama. “It was the plan to have the Minister of Education in attendance, but at this point we do not know who the Minister will be. As the National Diploma was his (Fitzgerald’s) baby initially, it is hoped he will be present,” Rolle noted.


“I think the excitement is building and I think the requirements to graduate have got the children thinking – this is the inaugural National Graduation and they are close and realizing we can make it,” said Rolle.


Published  Friday, March 3, 2017 


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