Local authors highlight of Library Week

Students were given the opportunity to engage in conversation with three local authors – Chad Dean

The First Library Week at Jack Hayward Senior High School (JHSHS) is underway and on Wednesday the students were given the opportunity to engage in conversation with three local authors.


Librarian at JHSHS Josiane Floreus coordinated the week of activities under the theme: ‘One Book, One Brain ... Infinite Possibilities’ with the aim of igniting the high school students’ passion for reading and writing.


Floreus said that the goal of the week is to help students understand the importance of reading and to help them connect that reading creates opportunities and helps to shape new ideas. “The week is packed with events that are organized to stimulate students’ interest,” Floreus noted.


On Monday, students were treated to an assembly where guest speaker Shanreikah Faustin, Chief Librarian at the Sir Charles Hayward Library shared with students the benefits of reading and how reading develops the brain. “Her message was well received as many students were able to be inspired by her words,” Floreus acknowledged. 


The Librarian informed that students also received their Customer Service Diplomas from The Grand Bahama Port Authority, which was organized through the School’s Library.


In addition to student recognition, the JHSHS Librarian said the teachers who encourage their classes to make full use of the library were also recognized for their consistent use of the facility to enhance student learning.


“On Tuesday, students were treated to an ‘Anime-Zing Day to Read’ where the library hosted Japanese Anime Day so that students could use captions to promote comprehension and reading skills,” Floreus shared.


On Wednesday, the Authors’ and Library Exhibit featured Chad Dean, Rev. Keith Russell  and Arnold Martin, one of the school’s Guidance Counselors and the Sir Charles Hayward Library. 


“These authors were able to share with students the experiences that influence their writing and inspire the desire to become future authors that will entertain, inform and persuade their readers. The students were also treated to a visit from the Sir Charles Hayward Library and were encouraged to sign up,” Floreus stated.


The school’s Librarian confirmed that a book sale will be held at the school on Thursday (March 9) and an Open Mic session on Friday (March 10) to highlight students who write and perform their own material.


“We are truly encouraged by the support of the staff and students of the JHSHS thus far as they have taken advantage of all the opportunities given to them during this week, it really only takes one book and one brain to open the door to infinite possibilities,” Floreus noted.


Author and Motivational Speaker, Dean, told this daily that he was delighted to, have been invited to engage with the students and acknowledged that he was very impressed with the motivation shown by the students. “I got to hear the students speak of their purpose. I let them know the sky is the limit, don’t settle. I told them once they have a dream or a goal and are willing to put work in, they will accomplish what they are after,” Dean shared.


Acknowledging that he was surprised how focused the students were, Dean went on to say he took the opportunity to emphasize that if they dream, they can believe. “If you can just make contact you can change a life forever,” Dean noted.


Dean has published three books, one of which is a revised edition. The first is Faith Supersedes Mountains which Dean explained is about “real positive stuff” and this is the revised book. The next book Dean published is called Mission Possible 90 Day Devotion which he claims is constructed on the TV series Mission Impossible with a different take – possible missions. “The book gives the reader a mission for each day, and it is to your advantage if you carry it out. The mission gives the reader something positive,” Dean pointed out.


Published  Thursday, March 9, 2017 


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