Grand Bahama Academy students experience the fun of Mathematics

This young male student of Grand Bahama Academy is pictured sporting a poster with several Math problems

Students of Grand Bahama Academy, experienced the fun of Mathematics, during Numeracy Day celebrations this month on the school’s campus.


Aeon King, Grand Bahama Academy Math teacher and the event coordinator said that the day was the “climax” of a weeklong list of activities.


“Today we have a number of activities,” he said.


According to King, the day began with devotion where a guest speaker shared helpful math tips with the students.  


Numeracy means having the confidence and skill to use numbers and mathematical approaches in all aspects of life. 


“It ended with a poster competition and various games, including a special math Jeopardy, as well as poetry readings and songs.


“We hope that after accomplishing all of this we will see more fun and the drive going in Mathematics from here on in,” he said.  


Noting that this is the school’s first time conducting an event like Numeracy Day. King said the goal was to take away the phobia of Math that many students experience.


“We realize that once people have this phobia it will slow down their progress in life and many persons grow up as adults hating Math,” he said. 


He added that once that fear is taken away, early, it would help students realize that Math can be fun.


“The truth is wherever we go we have Math, so we can’t escape that,” he said.


King noted that the students’ overall response has been very positive and they seem to be enjoying themselves.  


He stated that the week ended with a few trivia games accompanied by prizes and surprises.  


King said that the school hopes to make this an annual event.  


He added that Grand Bahama Academy is assuring that they are doing their part in the community, by teaching the students for this life and the “life to come.”


King said that once the school continues to instill positive values in its students, it would help them to become positive role models.  


Published  Wednesday, March 29, 2017 

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