GBA students proud recipients of 2016 National Bahamas Junior Certificate Awards

Ostonya Thomas and BoJames VanPopering

On Monday, February 13, 2017 BoJames VanPopering and Ostonya Thomas, both tenth grade students of Grand Bahama Academy of Seventh-day Adventists, were proud recipients of national examination awards presented by the Ministry of Education Testing and Assessment Division in New Providence for their outstanding performance in the 2016 Bahamas Junior Certificate (BJC) Examinations.


BoJames wrote eight BJC subjects and scored six A’s, one B and one C and was awarded the “Best BJC Results on the island of Grand Bahama.”  Ostonya wrote seven subjects and scored five A’s and one B and one D overall.  


Grand Bahama Academy has a rich legacy of producing fine scholars and is once again proud of these two outstanding students who have joined the list of those students who have achieved this outstanding milestone at our institution.  As an institution we are tremendously proud of both BoJames and Ostonya’s accomplishments, as they are indeed products of Adventist Education.  


BoJames is a member of the Freeport SDA Orion Pathfinder Club and the Youth Choir.  His ambition is to pursue a career in chemical engineering and we are confident that with his determination and focus, he will achieve this goal.  Ostonya Thomas is also a driven, determined, and hardworking student who is well-focused and has her mind fixated on becoming a certified herbalist. The aptitude that Ostonya exhibits will no doubt help her to achieve her goals after completing high school.  


The stellar performance of these two brilliant students is attributed to the hard work, parental support, dedication of teachers, and a Christ-centered curriculum that students engage in daily at GBA.  Grand Bahama Academy, along with their parents and extended families salute these two fine scholars and wish them further success as they continue their exemplary performance at Grand Bahama Academy.  


Published  Friday, March 3, 2017 

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