Four male students to attend Future Teachers’ Conference thanks to MP

Member of Parliament for East Grand Bahama

Member of Parliament for East Grand Bahama, Peter Turnquest assisted four young aspiring teachers to attend the Future Teacher Conference in New Providence taking place from April 19 – 21.


Several male students from Jack Hayward Senior High School (JHSHS) were eager to attend the Annual Future Teachers’ Convention at the Melia Nassau Beach Resort and were disappointed, when unable to raise the funds to participate.


However, Turnquest stepped up and ensured the four young men were able to join their cohorts and those from other islands.


Darrell Duncombe, who one day wants to be a Mathematics teacher said, he was excited to be able to meet other high school students from all over The Bahamas, but the cost of the trip was a challenge. 


“I am thankful that I was allowed to come on this trip, because it allows me to be one of the few males in the entire Bahamas that actually wants to be a teacher. Overall it is a great experience meeting new people who also aspire to be teachers and I hope that I will be an excellent teacher in the future,” Duncombe shared.


Adagro Forbes, now in his final year of the three-year program and id scheduled to graduate the program at the conference shared how fortunate he was, last year, to attend the conference. 


But this year the cost was too much for his parents to pay. “I had to call my teacher and say I would not be able to go. I was really disappointed, because there are so few men in education and I have always wanted to teach. My teacher later called me with the good news, that Mr. Turnquest had sponsored our trip. I am so grateful,” Forbes said.


“When the leaders of our community step up and lend assistance, it makes those aspiring to be future leaders continue our studies and reach our goals,” Forbes added.


Another male student noted that this was his first trip anywhere off island and he was excited to have the opportunity to travel to the capital and experience his first flight.


All of the students expressed gratitude to Turnquest for his much-needed assistance.


The young men noted that the MP made one request of them, and that was for each aspiring teacher to write an account of their experience.


Published  Thursday, April 20, 2017 


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