BTC awards top achievers at BMES

BMES Produces Top Achievers in BGCSE Examinations 

Having developed the reputation as a leader in its own right, BTC joined forces with the Bishop Michael Eldon High School on Grand Bahama to honor some of the school’s top achieving students. 


“When contacted by the school’s business department about their plans to celebrate a group of amazing students, we quickly answered the call” said Senior Manager of Comm-ercial Services Ethel Laing. “We pride ourselves on being good corporate citizens and we couldn’t think of a worthier cause than this to be a part of” she explained.


While all the students did exceptionally well in their respective National Examinations, three young women stood out from the crowd. D’Ajonae Jayawardana – who was honored for receiving the best results for a student on Grand Bahama Island –  received 6A’s of the 9 BGCSE’s which she sat, Kiara Williams who received 8 BGCSE Passes including 5A’s and 3B’s and finally Amor Ferguson who received 8 BGCSE Passes – including 2A’s, 2B’s and 3C’s. In addition to being exemplary academics, each of these young ladies remain active participants in various extracurricular disciplines and have proven themselves to be extremely well rounded students and future leaders. As a reward for all their hardwork the trio was presented with brand-new Samsung J7 cellphones.


BTC has long supported the Bishop Michel Eldon School and its students in their continued push toward academic excellence. Since 2016, the company has been a major sponsor of the institution’s SECME VEX Robotics Pro-gram. 


“The skills these young people learn by participating in this program are exactly the kinds of skills that are going to continue to drive the world of technology into the future and we believe it’s important to support that kind of development in the country” Laing explained.


This year six teams of students are sent to participate in the international competition which is held at the University of Alabama where the team’s robots will be required to showcase their programming and engineering skills.


Published  Wednesday, March 8, 2017 


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