Adderley spearheads St. Georges’ successes

Krista Adderley

St. Georges High School has yet again achieved national recognition in BGCSE studies. The present Deputy Head Girl has been honored for her outstanding results.


Krista Adderley was invited to New Providence last month to receive her certificate for attaining one of the top results nationally in the 2016 BGCSE (Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education Examinations). The presentation was made to her at the Ministry of Education, Science & Technology’s Annual National Awards affair. A grade 11 student, Adderley, achieved 5 A results and 1 B for BGCSE.


The high achiever shared her excitement over being acknowledged in the capital February 13 during the Annual National Award Presentation.


“It was great to be recognized for having one of the best BGCSE results for a government student. I was able to see other high fliers of my age and interact with them,” Adderley said.


Those recognized for their accomplishments received certificates, plaques, trophies, and some were, presented with laptops and cash, by the Director of Education Lionel Sands.


About finding out about the honor, Adderley said: “It felt really good – at first I was surprised, then happy as I realized all my hard work wasn’t in vain. I advise other students to leave all the playful stuff behind because in the end it will be worth it. All that stuff is temporary whereas these results you can show for the rest of your life.”


Adderley hopes to attend the University of the Bahamas (UB) and is presently in the process of applying for scholarships.


Vice Principal at St. George’s High School, Joyanne Pennerman confirmed Adderley to be in the top three of her graduating class and praised the hardworking, intelligent student for doing so well in her national examinations while in grade 11.


“All her results are basically of A. She is a successful student as well as a great role model for her peers,” Pennerman added.


The school’s VP voiced pride about the institution being able to maintain the high standard that has been showcased in the Annual BJC (Bahamas Junior Certificate) and BGCSE Awards Presentation each year. “Yet again this year our school has produced the student with the highest score in the BGCSE Electrical Installation exam. We are very proud of Shannon Moss (who is now enrolled at UB) for the achievement and also say a big thanks to Mr. Sean Argyle who teaches that course,” Pennerman stated.


In addition to having the highest performance in the Electrical Installation BGCSE nationally, St. George’s High School received the honor of most Outstanding Performance in Career and Technical education within Government Schools yet again.


Published  Thursday, March 23, 2017 


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