AHLEI certification for 15 JHSHS students

Fifteen students of the Hospitality Studies Department at Jack Hayward Senior High School (JHSHS) were awarded their American Hotel and Lodging Institute (AHLEI) certificates

Fifteen students of the Hospitality Studies Department at Jack Hayward Senior High School (JHSHS) were awarded their American Hotel and Lodging Institute (AHLEI) certificates, during an assembly last week.


Gaylene Pinder, Education Officer with the Ministry of Education congratulated the students of JHSHS for their accomplishments, while noting that the AHLEI certification is recognized worldwide. 


“I am very proud to be here at JHSHS distributing the certificates to these students who have matriculated in Hospitality Management,” said Pinder.


“The AHLEI programs are taught in over 45 countries and it means wherever these students end up in the world, they have a certification from a credited leader in the hospitality industry that will be great on their resumes,” Pinder noted.


The Education Officer also congratulated the educators at JHSHS in the Hospitality Department for developing the program at the school and for the excellent results achieved by this year’s 15 students. 


“I would like to encourage other schools to take JHSHS’s lead and implement the AHLEI program,” Pinder added.


Subject Coordinator for Hospitality Studies, Janet Dean said, the program – now in its fifth year at the school – has allowed the students to attain a qualification that is not only recognized in The Bahamas, but around the world.


“This year was a rewarding one for the JHSHS Hospitality Studies Department, as the students achieved stellar results in four international certificates from the AHLEI – the students were in four different programs depending on their specific interest: START, Golden Opportunities, LMP I and II,” Dean shared.


“Our students are well equipped with relevant knowledge to enter the Hospitality Industry and perform at the industries standards. We are extremely proud of their performances. As the only school on the island that offers these certifications, it speaks volumes to our program at JHSHS,” Dean added.


Grade 12 Hospitality Studies’ student, Davante Adderley, said that succeeding in her first year of certification is a feeling that is indescribable. “The hard work I had to put in along with my dedication is what allowed me this success. Much credit is due to my teacher, Mrs. Dean for preparing me for the examination and my future in the Hospitality Industry and gained me the certification,” Adderley shared.


Zareke Davis, also a Grade 12 Hospitality Studies’ student said, “My practice for the Lodging Management examination taught me a lot of useful information about the hotel industry that I will be able to use once I graduate. The examination was not difficult; however, it did mean I had to a lot of studying to cover all of the topics included.”


Davis noted that the certification will be very useful as he continues with his school studies and then as he seeks a job in the hospitality industry.


Published  Wednesday, February 22, 2017 

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