Commonwealth Flags fly high

PARADE OF NATIONS – Students of Eight Mile Rock High School took part in a parade of national flags for the countries that are members of the Commonwealth of Nations during a special assembly. (PHOTOS: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

Eight Mile Rock High School celebrated Commonwealth Day 2017 with a special assembly on Monday, March 13, which focused on Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II message “A Peace-building Commonwealth.”

The entire EMRHS populous gathered in the gymnasium paying homage to several of the 52 Commonwealth Nations, meanwhile Principal Ivan Butler expressed his elation with the time-honored fact that students and teachers proudly joined schools throughout The Bahamas and Commonwealth of Nations in observing and celebrating Commonwealth Day 2017.

“For decades, EMRHS has benefitted from having a diverse, multi-cultural teaching staff complement, with many of our educators originating from one of the 52 countries that comprise the Commonwealth of Nations.

“Currently, we have teachers, who are natives of Canada, Jamaica, Guyana, India and the United Kingdom, hence we are elated to embrace all that they bring to enlighten us regarding their cultural heritage and we appreciate their professional contributions to the educational system of The Bahamas.

“EMRHS students were able to glean ample, firsthand knowledge about the United Kingdom, Barbados, Ghana, Kenya, Trinidad & Tobago as well as The Bahamas thanks to our hardworking teachers.

“Certainly, we were delighted to witness EMRHS Teacher of the Year 2017-2019 Mrs. Francita Moss-Rahming read the Queen’s Speech to the Commonwealth of Nations whose theme, “A Peace-building Commonwealth” signifies truth that in a world rife with turmoil we must be peace-builders.

“During my charge to the students I reminded them that there is indeed too much violent acts being committed in our Bahamaland today, hence it is imperative that in order to fulfill the mandate of peace-building, peace must begin with them.

“Each students must strive to maintain internal peace before trying to extend that peace to classmates, teachers and the communities in which they reside, as well as The Bahamas and world at large.

“Definitely, it is our hope that the message of peace-building resonates with the students not only as we observe and celebrate Commonwealth Day but throughout every minute of every day all year long,” declared Butler.

A Commonwealth Countries Flag Parade was held during the special assembly and students as well as teachers learned that even though 52 countries comprise the Commonwealth of Nations, each one has a unique cultural heritage and history, which not only distinguishes one from another but also, all share well-defined and revered commonalities that help to bind us together in peace.

Honored to be selected as EMRHS Teacher of the Year 2017-2019 Moss-Rahming noted that it is a pleasure for her to impart knowledge to her students whom she also encourages to firmly grasp a hold of the lessons taught, using it to change the world for the better.

Inspired by the Queen’s Speech, Moss-Rahming encouraged all students to respectively embrace the differences of their peers as well as teachers who come from different backgrounds and do their best to set the right example in order to be world leaders and peacemakers.

“The Queen’s Speech is inspiring and humbling as what the world needs now more than ever is to exercise respect and maintain peace.

“In order to accomplish this and to become the agents of peace, we must ensure that it begins with each of us in our homes, neighborhoods, schools, churches as well as in our communities.

“Hopefully all students are inspired by the message relayed and I will utilize my post to be a peacemaker, passing on the baton of peace for them to pass along,” declared Moss-Rahming.

History and Geography Subjects Coordinators Wayne Thompson Sr. and Paris Knowles along with Vice Principal & Subject Supervisor Bronwen Smith as well as geography and history teachers Meltheo Wells, Danya Curry and Magdalene Mills respectively, were commended for all their hard work in ensuring that not only was the Commonwealth Day assembly lively and exciting but it also provided an enriching learning experience for all in attendance.

Discussing the significance of the celebrations Thompson agreed that peace is exactly what the world needs at this time, especially as violence tends to make headline news on a daily basis.

“In a world where there is so much conflict even among our young people to have well over 500 students sit in this gymnasium and listen attentively to the Queen’s Speech to the Commonwealth of Nations as read by EMRHS Teacher of the Year 2017-2019 Ms. Rahming was awe-inspiring.

“The analogies of peace being passed along like a baton in a relay race certainly captured our students’ attention as many of them follow the leaders in athletics.

“It is hoped that the message would resonate with them and they would do everything in their power to resolve conflicts in a peaceable manner without violence.

“There are a lot of murders going on and we truly need to exercise peace; this Commonwealth Day assembly also allows students and teachers alike to showcase their talents and gifts in various portions of this observance.

“We happily highlighted six countries out of the 52 Commonwealth Nations and were delighted to salute our teachers who are natives of Guyana, Jamaica, India, Canada and throughout the United Kingdom with the latter being the ‘Mother Country’ that lead the way for the celebrations today back in 1931.

“The Bahamas has been a member of the Commonwealth of Nations since 1973 when it gained its independence and we are pleased to have been able to share with everyone important facts about each of the countries featured in today’s assembly, inclusive of the culture, economic status and whether or not a country in the Commonwealth of Nations is as large as India with a population of 1.4 billion or medium sized to developing like St. Kitts & Nevis with a population of 56,000 or Nauru with a population of 11,000, together we are united in peace and under the commonalities of speaking the English language and a rich historical concept.

“Personally, I trust God that we will continue to have peace and be bound together through the Commonwealth in unity not only in 2017 but every year to the end of time,” Thompson declared.


Published Tuesday, March, 14, 2017

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