Casino workers alleged they have yet to receive final payment

Former Treasure Bay Casino employees are claiming they received two of the three redundancy pay payments they were promised in December 2016; however, they have heard nothing about when they will receive the remaining funds that were scheduled to be handed out early January 2017.


On November 28, 2016 Treasure Bay Casino employees received letters from the company’s President Susan Varmes, stating that they will be pulling out of Grand Bahama after having been closed since Hurricane Matthew struck Grand Bahama in early October 2016. 


The letter stated how difficult it has been to ensure everyone received the information and hoped they and their loved ones were coping well after the storm. 


The document went on to say, “As you are aware, since Hurricane Matthew, we have been working with government officials to formulate a plan which would best benefit all of you. Given the fact that our Lease expires December 4, the sale of the resort is pending and it may take months for tourism to return to pre-storm levels, it has been determined that the Treasure Bay will not be re-opening the Casino.”


Several of the former casino employees, who preferred to remain anonymous spoke with this daily on Tuesday (February 14) admitting that they received their first redundancy payment on December 19, the second on December 21.


However, they alleged that the final payment was to be early January 2017, but they have heard nothing with regards to this last payment.


The group claimed that since early January they have been calling and texting MPs, government officials and even the Prime Minister (Perry Christie) to ask when they can expect their final installment.


This, however, is not the former workers’ only complaint. There are also claims of the monies being paid, in what appears to be a random pattern with some being paid for just 18 hours and others 24 hours, when the law states 40 hours.


“We have had no word, no calls on either issue from Treasure Bay who have departed, or from the government who is responsible for our payments as Treasure Bay was just a management company. We believe the last portion was left for the government to pay, when the casino pulled out,” one of the female employees maintained.


Additionally she alleged that several of her colleagues took the package that was offered when the previous casino, Isle of Capris left. “Others, like myself, transitioned to Treasure Bay and we were informed those six years Isle of Capris were running, the casino would be in our package.” 


The former casino employees believe that the government needs to accept its responsibility and ensure the final promised payment is made.


Published  Wednesday, February 15, 2017 


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