Boys’ Conference targeting young men in West GB

The 11th Annual ‘Building Youth is Better than Mending Boys’ Conference heads west this year, the theme ‘It Takes A Village.’

The conference, started by the founders of the Falcons Boys’ Club (FBC), was created to help lead young men of the community in a positive direction.

Officers, members and the various partners joined founder pastor Darrin Rolle at the Gerald Bartlett Police Headquarters on Wednesday, to announce plans for the upcoming event.

“The Falcons Boys’ Club wants to show their gratitude to the community of Grand Bahama, which for the last 20 years allowed a partnership that has given us an opportunity to raise the young men of our community,” Rolle stated.

He noted that this year, young boys from Lewis Yard Primary, Bartlett Hill Primary, Holmes Rock Primary, Martin Town Primary and West End Primary schools will be encouraged to attend the boys’ seminar, which will be held on Saturday, April 29 at the Bethel’s Deliverance Center, Jones Town, Eight Mile Rock.

“Today with so many social ills we face as a society, we believe that such a conference plays a pivotal role in curving the various problems we face with our young men,” the FCB Founder added.

Marvin Rolle of the Ministry of Education (MOE), Science and Technology said, he is thrilled that the MOE is in partnership with pastor Rolle and the long-established Falcon Boys’ Club. “I hope parents in West Grand Bahama will encourage their boys to attend and be a part of this great program, which I have been looking forward to for a while,” Rolle noted.

The MOE official said that the education system, church and community have to work in partnership to raise the proverbial village.

Edney Anderson of Pine Yard Technical Center spoke of the importance of getting the country’s young men on the right track. “The young men are doing what they do, because they know no better. They have no other way to survive,” Anderson stated.

Steven Gunn, representing the Rotary Clubs of Grand Bahama confirmed the service clubs’ backing of the one-day seminar. “The Falcons Boys’ Club is a marvelous program,” Gunn said.

ASP Henry Rolle of the Community Policing Unit said, the Royal Bahamas Police Force is thrilled to continue their partnership with the Boys’ Club, which over the last two decades have steered many of the island’s misguided young men on a better path.

Pastor Rolle concluded by revealing that pastor Rick Schuessler of Orlando, Florida will be the guest speaker at this weekend’s conference.

“There will be lots of free food, drinks, prizes and surprises for every young man who attends this year’s conference,” shared the FBC founder, adding that all primary school students present will be presented with a backpack full of school supplies and the overall government school participant will receive a round trip ticket on Sky Bahamas.

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