Amadea docks at Freeport Harbour with 542 passengers

Pictured from left are Sanique Culmer

The cruise ship Amadea docked at the Freeport Harbour yesterday, Wednesday, April 12, with 542 passengers, all German, hoping to enjoy a day on the beautiful Bahamian beaches.


Despite this being the Amadea’s second trip to the island, the traditional plaque exchange ceremony usually designated for inaugural visits took place on this occasion, as Ministry of Tourism officials and Freeport Harbour Company executives welcomed the vessel’s captain, crew and passengers. 


In an interview onboard the ship, Captain Jens Thorn explained that the ship is currently on a 138-day world tour.


Captain Thorn stated that in December 2016, the ship set sail from Europe to several ports in East Africa then through the Suez Canal and various Islands on the East Coast of Africa. The ship also stopped at several ports in South America, including Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Peru, then through the Panama Canal stopping in Jamaica, Mexico and the Cayman Islands. Captain Thorn noted that in the last week of the cruise, the ship stopped in U.S. ports, including New Orleans, Tampa and Miami, then it was on to Nassau and now Freeport. 


“The ship will travel up the East Coast of the U.S. and over to Ireland and England before completing the journey in Hamburg, Germany 138 days later,” Captain Thorn noted.


The captain of the Amadea said that he is quite sure the passengers will enjoy the weather and are looking forward to the beautiful beaches in Grand Bahama, as back in Germany it is spring and still quite cold. “It is a pleasure to be here in Grand Bahama, the last time was two years ago,” Captain Thorn shared.


Captain Orlando Forbes, Port Director of the Freeport Harbour Company said that the Amadea had not been to the island in a couple of years.


He noted that he is very grateful that Grand Bahama is part of the cruise’s itinerary. “Our location has paid dividends as several cruises are taking a route that includes Grand Bahama. Four hundred passengers joined this vessel yesterday in Nassau,” Captain Forbes said.


The Port Director pointed out that for a cruise that is 100 days into its voyage to choose this port, it means they are comfortable with the destination. “The local impact is significant and should result in happy taxi drivers and straw vendors,” Captain Forbes added.


Sanique Culmer, Ministry of Tourism Groups and Events Manager also welcomed the Amadea, its crew and the 542 passengers to Grand Bahama. “The visitors will get the opportunity to partake in our local attractions and will be spending on the island. I am sure they are looking forward to the beaches and the eco-tours that are offered, since The Bahamas is quite different to Germany,” Culmer stated.


Published  Thursday, April 13, 2017 


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