11 illegal immigrants taken into custody

IN CUSTODY – Eleven foreign nationals of three different nationalities were taken into custody this week.

After a four-week lull the local Bahamas Immigration Department took 11 foreign nationals of three different nationalities into custody this week.

Napthali Cooper, Grade One Immigration Officer said that the busy week included the arrest of two Brazilian males, one Jamaican female, seven Haitian males and one Haitian female.

“The two Brazilian men were arrested by Immigration officers in West End. It was discovered that the two men, after being legally admitted into the Bahamas, had since overstayed their visitor’s time given upon arrival,” Cooper stated.

The Immigration spokesperson furthered that it was believed that the two Brazilians had intentions of being smuggled to the United States but somehow their plans failed. 

“These two Brazilians were transported to Immigration headquarters for processing,” Cooper confirmed.

The Immigration official noted that the lone Jamaican female was, taken in to custody by officers after it was discovered she had also overstayed her visitor's status by four weeks.

Cooper revealed that the final group apprehended this week were all of Haitian descent. “The seven Haitian males and one female were all taken into custody by Immigration officers while out on routine patrol in the Freeport and Eight Mile Rock area,” he informed.

The local Immigration spokesperson acknowledged this group of eight had no current legal status in The Bahamas and had entered the country illegally by boat from Haiti and remained here without legal status.

On Wednesday, the 11 foreign nationals were all flown to the capital to be detained at the Detention Centre prior to being repatriated to their respective countries of origin.

The last group of illegal immigrants taken in to custody on Grand Bahama included 12 Brazilians, two Haitians, and one Turkish national, all of whom were apprehended February 17.

On this date, the U.S. Coast Guard also brought six Cuban migrants who had been intercepted in the Cay Sal Bank area and brought to Grand Bahama for processing.


Published Friday, March, 17, 2017

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