$1.5m McLean’s Town Subdivision moving ‘very swiftly,’ says Darville

Dr. Michael Darville

Construction on the future McLean’s Town Subdivision is ongoing and will consist of 41 lots.  Darius Williams of Darius Williams and Associates, the engineer responsible for the project, announced that roadwork for the subdivision has already begun.  Speaking to Heads of Government Departments, during a recent tour of capital works projects in East Grand Bahama, Williams explained, “One of these roads was already in, but it has been widened,” he said.


Williams added that the other roads are just being prepared and they are going to be paved with installation of all utilities – including water, cable, phone and electricity.


Godfrey Waugh of Waugh Construction, who is the Subdivision Developer for this project told the group that they have cut the first road and the loop road.

“On the main entrance road we have ripped and got the sub-base compacted as for the loop, so far, we have only done the initial ripping,” he said.

Waugh added that the road would be brought to base level and lime rock fill to prepare the base then they would trench to install the water.

“Along the main road we will have a four inch water main which will tie into the existing supply coming out of McLean’s Town,” he said.


He furthered that the loop road will have a two-inch line running completely around the loop and each of the lots will be serviced with potable water up to a corporation stop.  Following that, he said that applications will be made to GB Utility, which will install the water meters and prospective home owners will be able to get their water. 


Waugh stated that they are working diligently to get everything done and in conjunction with the Ministry for Grand Bahama and closely with the team that meets every Tuesday at the Ministry of Grand Bahama, inclusive of Permanent Secretary Melvin Seymour and Administrator for East Grand Bahama, Harvey Roberts. 


Minister for Grand Bahama Dr. Michael Darville stated that development of this subdivision, including infrastructure is estimated at $1.5 million.  

“We’re moving very swiftly,” he said. 


About 90 percent of the lots will be dedicated to residential housing and the other 10 percent would be for commercial tourism and each lot is roughly 20,000 square feet.


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