New VP lauds local BTC staff’s dedication to restore service post-Hurricane Matthew

Eldri Ferguson-Mackey

The first female BTC Vice President for the Northern Bahamas shared the company’s progress since the devastation of Hurricane Matthew at the Rotary Club of Lucaya’s weekly meeting on Tuesday.


The guest speaker, Eldri Ferguson-Mackey was promoted to the position of Vice President for the Northern Bahamas at the beginning of this month and will now oversee the operations in Grand Bahama, Abaco and Bimini. 


Ferguson-Mackey has been instrumental in the launch and management of some of BTC’s most successful products and campaigns. Among them, BTC’s highly touted online bill payment system, Prepaid Top Up, TDMA to GSM Mobile Migration which laid the very foundation for the launch of 3G, 4G and LTE Mobile Services, which customers currently enjoy and the prepaid electricity plan which is currently being beta tested in Eleuthera. 


Since accepting the role, Ferguson-Mackey has held successful meetings with the various teams, which comprise the Northern Bahamas’ 130 employees and has already begun the process of integrating into the local community, recently attending the Chamber of Commerce’s installation gala.


Ferguson-MacKey started her address to the Rotarians by emphasizing BTC’s campaign slogan, ‘It’s BTC Country’ adding that the company is all about the community. 


Then after acknowledging the massive devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, Ferguson-Mackey spoke of the dedication of the employees that worked around the clock to fix and repair the network.


The VP furthered that with every pole down in some areas, the task had been a mammoth one but acknowledged that material things can be replaced and the staff’s commitment was there from day one, despite many having tarps on their roofs. 


“These managers and technicians have worked seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. with no rest, to reach our goal of 100 percent restoration by the end of March. 


Presently we are on 95.3 percent with just three days left,” according to the VP.


Ferguson-MacKey went on to admit that several areas that have been of considerable challenge, namely Seahorse Village and the Bell Channel area.


Noting that BTC started to work on business lines as soon as the ‘all clear’ was announced after the hurricane, the new VP for the Northern Bahamas congratulated the staff that went above and beyond. “They live here, they had their own damages but put BTC first. BTC is their family, but they made sure we got the company up and running,” she shared.


Ferguson-MacKey summed up how the employees feel now in one word by saying – ‘thanks,’ directed at Hurricane Matthew. The VP said that without Matthew, BTC would not have a brand new fiber network. “East End and West End have the fiber network which means flow TV and high data feed. We say ‘thanks’ to Hurricane Matthew because now you can tell us what speed you want,” she furthered.


After Ferguson-MacKey concluded, the Rotarians were treated to gifts from BTC and informed of new packages and devices that are presently offered.


Published  Wednesday, March 29, 2017 


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