New BTC fiber network expected for GB

Our teams have been working very hard to ensure our customers can enjoy full service and we expect the work to be 99 percent complete by end of March in all communities.” (Photo courtesy of BTC for Barefoot Marketing)

Eldri Ferguson-Mackey, BTC Northern Bahamas Vice President, said that despite experiencing setbacks with its system due to the passing of Hurricane Matthew, the company is pleased to announce that it is now in the process of upgrading the fiber network, which is proposed for a November delivery for Grand Bahama.


“What BTC is now embarking on is that we have just received additional funding and we are building out a brand new network in Grand Bahama, which we hope to deliver in November 2017. 


“We have already started the work, the network designs are in and over the course of the next couple of months, you will begin to really see our technical teams roll out that network,” said Ferguson-Mackey.


“What it means for customers is that it is going to be a better experience, it is going to be a better broadband experience and for customers that have heard about our FLOW TV product, it is going to be a better television experience for them as well. Everyone will have access to all of our services,” said the VP. 


Referred to as a quad play provider, Ferguson-Mackey disclosed that BTC is able to offer its customers mobile services, landline services, broadband services and television service in the form of FLOW TV, which is the company’s newest offering. 


“One of the things that we are focusing on and why we are building out our network is firstly, we need a more resilient network. Yes, we were able to withstand and stay up during the storm, but one of the reasons why we were able to stay up during the storm was the basis of a fiber network,” she explained.


As for restoration efforts on the island of Grand Bahama, following the passage of Hurricane Matthew in October of last year, the VP of the Northern Bahamas informed that restoration efforts on the island are nearly complete. 


“We have actually made huge strides over the past months. We expect to be complete with full restoration, by the end of March. Right now our focus is in Central Grand Bahama and building up those areas. Once we get that done, we would have been able to at least, touch everybody that was impacted by the storm. 


“We are working through what I like to call, ‘the veins’ so there will be certain individuals with specific problems, your homes may have been devastated or impacted by storm; therefore, we will have to do what I call, truck rolls to those homes. 


“But overall by the end of March, BTC expects to be at 100 percent restoration on Grand Bahama, while at the same time perusing our rebuild efforts.” 


She added that the BTC team has and continues to work around the clock to meet their end of March goal for full restoration to their Grand Bahamian customers. 


Noting that competition is nothing new to BTC, Ferguson-Mackey said the company remains committed to its motto, ‘This is BTC country.’ 


“I know that persons are focused on mobile competition; BTC is focused on expanding it’s bottom line and that is why our fiber network is so important to us. BTC is entering into an area that it has not been, television. 


“Our TV and TV product has extreme and excellent potential. We have a 100 percent market penetration already in mobile services, so it is not necessarily a matter of getting new customers, in mobile, it is upselling those existing customers.”


She noted that television presents a brand-new opportunity for BTC to bring on new customers and ensure that the company is able to expand its base and grow revenues.

That is one of the reasons why we are really, full steam ahead in building our fiber in that area,” concluded Ferguson- Mackey.  


Published  Friday, March 10, 2017 


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