NTA set to launch its fifth Cohort at the end of February

Agatha Marcelle

Continuing with its mandate to properly prepare young people for the job market, the National Training Agency (NTA), Grand Bahama, will begin Cohort #5 on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at A Social Affair Convention Centre, located on East Sunrise Highway (formerly Le Chateau on the Green).


Bahamians between the ages of 16 and 26 years are eligible for the program, which is in two phases. 


The first is the Mandatory Workforce Preparatory Program that provides training in a variety of areas, including résumé preparation, attitude management, workplace values and practices, governing ourselves/policies and procedures, teamwork and managing relationships, customer service, understanding correction and discipline and planning and goal-setting for work and life. This phase is conducted three half days each week for four weeks.


Phase two covers Internship. Trainees are teamed up with the NTA’s Industry Partners and are placed in the disciplines for which they have registered. This phase is conducted two half-days per week for 10 weeks.


At the end of the two phases, after successfully completing the program, the Trainees are awarded certificates and, with their acquired skills, are ready for the workforce.


Trainees must adhere to the NTA guidelines, such as timekeeping and attendance and proper behavior. During the Internship Program, the trainees are closely monitored by the supervisory staff of the industry partners to ensure that they are following the policies and procedures and work requirements.


Executive Director of the NTA, Agatha Marcelle, is enthusiastic about the program and said that she would like to see this program conducted throughout The Bahamas. 


“Our program is very effective, for we have received testimonies of former Trainees, who indicated that without this training, they would not have achieved their career objective. Parents also speak of the new careers of their children who went through the program. 


“These kinds of reports speak to the success of the program and that excites me,” said Ms. Marcelle. “In addition to New Providence and Grand Bahama, we have an office in Exuma and we intend to introduce this program into as many islands as possible, because we know it works,” she concluded. 


Interested persons may contact the NTA’s office at 351-6421 or visit the office located on the second floor of the National Insurance Building Complex and bring along with them their passports or voters’ cards and NIB cards. Deadline for registering for Cohort #5 is February 24, 2017.


Published  Wednesday, February 8, 2017 

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