Mitchell addresses GB Shipyard dispute

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration, Fred Mitchell released a statement yesterday, addressing the reported ongoing trade dispute at the Grand Bahama Shipyard.


Following is the statement in its entirety.


“I wish to advise the public that I had a conference call this morning between myself and two directors of Grand Bahama Shipyard with regard to the ongoing trade dispute on the management of the facility and the subsequent investigations at the Grand Bahama Shipyard. 


I recommended a certain course of action to the Shipyard’s Directors to settle the matter in a manner consistent with the course recommended by the Department of Labour in its initial investigation. 


The Directors provided additional information which is now being referred to the Director of Labour for further investigation and there is an agreement to discuss the findings of the Director of Labour again by mid next week. I have agreed to stay any further action until at least that time. 


Subsequent to my discussions with the Directors by teleconference, I had a meeting with representatives of the Shipyard Union in person to let them know my findings and the response of the company and the future course I propose.  I sought their further restraint. 


I understand fully the extent to which this has exercised the community and I wish to say to the community that the matter is not off the radar. 


I have indicated to the company and the union that I propose that this matter be determined one way or the other by 24 February, approximately six weeks from today.”


Published  Wednesday, January 18, 2017 

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