GBPA launches ‘My Grand Bahama’ Campaign

The Grand Bahama Port Authority officially launched the My Grand Bahama Customer Service Campaign on Wednesday

The Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) aims to improve customer service on Grand Bahama, with the launch its ‘My Grand Bahama’ Campaign on Wednesday, February 15.  


The launch was celebrated, during a ceremony at the Pelican Bay Hotel.  


Glendia Sweeting, GBPA Business Development Officer and Campaign Coordinator told this daily that the GBPA believes that the campaign is a collaborative effort between its company and the major stakeholders on the island.


“We realize that at this time we need to include customer service, we are at an all time low,” she said.


However, Sweeting said that residents could come back from this ‘low’ and improve.  According to Sweeting, the GBPA wants to ensure that customer service is done at a high level in all aspects, whether it relates to locals, tourists or investors. 


“We are committed at this time to have all of these organizations work together,” she added.


Sweeting revealed that going forward there would be in-house training sessions.


“On February 21 we will be looking to bring in about 100 persons to give some in-depth customer service training.” 


She noted that the GBPA wants to provide the tools to help improve customer service and hopes that it spreads throughout The Bahamas.


Derek Newbold Senior Manager of Business Development at the GBPA, noted that the campaign derived from receiving a number of complaints from some of the investors to the island.


“They loved the island, but at some point during their stay here, they suffered some unfortunate experience in terms of customer service,” he said.


Newbold said that it is important to realize, “our actions can influence whether someone decides to invest in Grand Bahama or not.”


He explained that the campaign would educate the business community and residents, and provoke awareness in residents on how their decisions could shape the perception of this island. 


“Lastly it is a training campaign, because it would equip residents with the necessary tools to become ambassadors of this island.”   


In December 2016 the Grand Bahama Port Authority invited persons to attend focus group discussions and one-on-one interviews to gather feedback on important matters impacting the island.  


The overarching theme revealed that the people of Grand Bahama embody the best of the island.  Conversely, there was also an acknowledgement that the attitudes and behaviors of residents also impact the island’s success.  


The GBPA acknowledges that while there was great pride in being a resident of Grand Bahama, there was a shared concern that “people” impact the island’s progress based on the manner in which customer service is delivered.  


There was a mutual agreement and understanding that more must be done to improve the delivery of customer service in Grand Bahama for residents, investors and tourists.  


An inspired culture must be defined for all individuals to “think like a customer.”  This concept will play a key theme throughout the campaign.


As the campaign will address customer service throughout the island, it is important to identify the values that will guide all of the coordinated initiatives designed to ignite a paradigm shift.  The campaign values and call to action include invest, experience and explore. 


Published  Thursday, February 16, 2017 


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