GBPA and Indiegogo to Host Crowdfunding Workshop

Local entrepreneurs contribute to the island’s economic vibrancy and are gearing up to grow their businesses through crowdfunding in the global marketplace. 


The 2017 Small Business Fair and Training Workshop hosted by the Invest Grand Bahama Small Business Bureau (IGBSBB), is an annual event, that to-date has approximately 100-registered participants.  These business owners represent a cross section of small, medium and large sized enterprises ready to explore topics to diversify, innovate and grow both locally and globally.  


According to President of the Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited (GBPA), Ian Rolle, “This year’s training workshop for our licensees and members of the general public is geared toward promoting their goods and services around the world through crowdfunding.”  


Rolle explained, “Crowdfund-ing is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising money from a large number of people who each contribute a relatively small amount, typically via the Internet.”  


GBPA has partnered with Indiegogo, an organization based in San Francisco, California, that has harnessed the power of the Internet in 223 countries and territories around the world and raised more than one billion dollars for projects.  


Indiegogo will outline the process for participants to begin shaping their new or existing projects or products so that potential investors can learn more about available opportunities through a trusted and safe on-line platform.   Indiegogo’s Senior Campaign Strategist, Alana Jesse says, “Crowdfunding is a revolutionary way for entrepreneurs who have been neglected by traditional modes of fund-raising to get the capital they need to start and grow their businesses. I’m so excited to meet with the entrepreneurs of Grand Bahama, and look forward to supporting them in their growing ventures.”


Rolle added that he is eager for participants to interact with one another and build off the creative energy created by the entrepreneurs gathered.  He anticipates that this opportunity is the catalyst needed to empower licensees to contribute even more to the island’s economic success.  


Rolle notes, “This program is very much in line with our organization’s visionary focus for the 2017 Business Year.  We want to support our licensees to become globally competitive, and to utilize the strength of technology to market products that are unique to our country.  We are taking advantage of technology to sell our goods and services; the benefits are enormous from job creation, to revenue generation and a great sense of pride about what Grand Bahamians can contribute locally and internationally.”


The event will feature a showcase of financial organizations including Colina General Brokers and Scotiabank, who will provide participants with some of the available tools and resources to bolster their success.  


Derek Newbold, Sr. Manager of Business Development and Invest Grand Bahama, recognizes that many business owners have ambitious financial goals and it is important to support licensees as they work towards their financial success.  Newbold highlights, “The financial services showcase is specifically designed so that our licensees begin to understand and appreciate that there are teams of dedicated professionals locally who want to help them meet and exceed their business goals.  A part of the ease of doing business on the island is connected to building, promoting and maintaining networks of professionals invested in the success of what happens on the island.  We are excited and looking forward to positive results for participants.”


The Small Business Fair and Training Workshop will begin at 10 a.m. on Thursday, January 26 at the Pelican Bay Hotel.  For more information, contact 242-350-9000 and reserve your seat.


Published  Wednesday, January 25, 2017 


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