‘Coco Chanel’ Conference targeting female entrepreneurs

Billie Bowe – President

All aspiring female entrepreneurs are encouraged to attend the Aliv presents ‘Coco Chanel: The Woman and the Message,’ which is scheduled for Saturday, March 18, 2017 at the Keen i Media Center on Sergeant Major Drive.  


Billie Bowe, founder of the event and president of Benchmark Consulting Services said that the event is geared towards businesswomen and aspiring entrepreneurs.  


“Basically, women who are looking for knowledge, networking opportunities and strategies to help them propel in whatever it is they’re passionate about,” she added. 


Bowe noted that after the immense success of the previous event, she and her team wanted to take it to a “higher level.”  


She stated that the last event focused on principles, but this one would be bigger from a value perspective.


“It truly is the right time because of what women and, just in general, what our community have gone through and continue to go through when it comes to a robust economy,” she said.


According to Bowe, it is important to encourage women to be business owners, because small businesses help the economy to thrive.  


Additionally, she shared that some of the event proceeds would go towards bringing about mental health awareness, which is a cause that she advocates for.


“People want and need help, so we need to spread the word that there are places they can go to get help,” she said.  


Bowe added that there is an “awesome” lineup of speakers for the event, including e entrepreneur and author Karel Pinder, who would be hosting the event; a representative from the U.S. Embassy, Zhivargo Laing, along with a few others.  


Bowe disclosed that persons can register on her website and those that do would receive something special. 


“When people go to register at billiebowe.com they will have an opportunity to download my book, ‘Easy Branding and Marketing Strategies,’ free of charge,” she said.  


According to Bowe, there are several sponsors for the event – Aliv, Cable Bahamas, Keen i Media and the Unites States Embassy, to name a few.  


“We’re happy to be brand ambassadors for companies like Aliv that is new,” she added.


Talia Wildgoose, Call Center Team Leader for Aliv said that the company is pleased to be working with Bowe.


“Aliv is an organization that it committed to community service, as well as joining Billie in empowering women throughout The Bahamas,” she said.

Bill Clinton-Russell, another Team Leader shared similar sentiments.


“Aliv is extremely proud to partner with and sponsor this event for Billie,” he said.  


Tickets for the event are currently on sale and can be found at Signature Choices in Downtown Freeport. 


Published  Wednesday, February 22, 2017 


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