Chamber president urged residents to work together to help boost local economy

President of the Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce (GBCC), Mick Holding urged Grand Bahama residents to work together to help boost the local economy.  


Holding spoke about unity among residents in relation to good customer service, during his presentation at the Grand Bahama Port Authority’s (GBPA) ‘My Grand Bahama’ Campaign launch held recently, at the Pelican Bay Hotel.  


Holding noted that the GBPA’s campaign is in accord with the GBCC theme for 2017.  


According to Holding, the GBCC’s theme this year is ‘Communication, Collaboration, and Coordination.’


He said that this echoed Senior Manager of Business Development of the GBPA, Derek Newbold’s sentiments that the campaign is a call to action for the entire community.  


“Regrettably, the economy of Grand Bahama is in a depressed state and it is only by working together, as a team, not against one another that we will turn things around and make our economy strong again,” said Holding.  


He noted that customer service has to return to what it once was, because ultimately everyone gains something from good customer service.


Holding took the opportunity to thank the GBPA for creating the ‘My Grand Bahama’ Campaign and pledged his and the GBCC’s support for it.  


Deann Seymour, Chief Financial Officer at the GBPA stated that customer service is a shared responsibility.


“That would be between business owners and customers who strive to invest in the economic sustainability and the success of Grand Bahama.  We are all in it together,” she said.  


Seymour admitted that the campaign is not the only solution to addressing customer service on the island, but it is the first step.


“Once we begin to move in the right direction, together, we will be able to contribute to the kind of service practices that made Grand Bahama a good place to invest, to explore and to experience,” she added.  


Seymour revealed that the GBPA would also be launching innovative ways for persons to give feedback, so that they can address the shortcomings in any area. 


The mission of the GBPA is to, “better the lives of Grand Bahama residents and by extension The Bahamas, through the unique features offered by our island.”  The organization is committed to improving the culture of customer service throughout the island to ensure that as we create opportunities for development, we deliver the best levels of customer service to Bahamians, investors, and visitors.  


To facilitate this initiative, a customer service campaign has been developed.  The campaign will be promoted as, “My Grand Bahama: Invest. Experience. Explore.”  


The campaign slogan is ‘My Grand Bahama.’  This slogan encapsulates a sense of ownership, responsibility and accountability among residents


According to the GBPA, the existing Invest Grand Bahama brand mark tested well.  Participants of the island were able to see themselves within the various sectors.  This is helpful, because it provides an opportunity to connect the campaign values and slogan together for persons to recognize their role in influencing customer service change.  


The gold represents logistics and transportation; green represents financial services and technology; purple represents tourism; blue represents manufacturing and light industry and red represents lifestyle and entertainment.


The recommendations for the campaign’s implementation will include strategies that include but are not limited to media engagement, social media influence, customer service training workshops, and customer service project development.  


Additionally, the campaign’s future goals also give latitude for the development of customer service awards and recognition programs that can be designed after the establishment of criteria to celebrate the best of customer service initiatives in Grand Bahama. 


Published  Thursday, February 23, 2017 


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