Armbrister benefits from local gaming house Annual Giveaway

Freeport resident Charlene Armbrister (center) was the lucky winner of the latest Chances Games’ Northern Bahamas grand prize giveaway of a 2017 Grand i10 Hyundai.

The latest winner of the Chances Games’ Northern Bahamas car giveaway has been walking for 17 years and is very grateful to at last have transportation.


Freeport resident Charlene Armbrister was the lucky winner of the latest Chances Games’ grand prize, winning a 2017 Grand i10 Hyundai. 


“I am totally excited, I always knew in my heart I would receive a big prize from Chances because I felt as if they owed it to me. I am very thrilled and happy to be the recipient of this brand-new vehicle,” Armbrister said.


Admitting that this was her first time entering a Chances Games’ raffle, the grand prizewinner explained that she walked to the event arriving over an hour before the start, but was able to drive away from Chances headquarters on Tuesday afternoon.  


Darlene Culmer, Vice President of Chances Games and Jarol Investments shared with this daily the company’s goal of giving back to the community. 


“Again, Jarol Investments and Chances Games has given back to one of our deserving customers. This winner is one of the most appreciative persons we have given a car to. She has been walking for 17 years,” Culmer noted.


Karen Glinton, Assistant Compliance Officer at Chances Games explained that the Northern Bahamas – Bimini, Abaco and Grand Bahama had a separate giveaway from New Providence and the Southern Bahamas. 


“All that a customer needed to join the raffle was to hold a verified account and deposit $20 on that account or purchase a raffle ticket,” Glinton noted.


Karen Wilson, Marketing Manager for Chances Games stated that this raffle began on December 12 and ran through January 25. 


On January 28 Chances staged a party, Wilson shared, “and one of our customers picked the winning ticket out. It was so touching, because she was in the audience at the time of the party and she really broke down.”


Wilson simply said, “Winners take Chances and Ms. Armbrister did just that.”


Whitfield Bain, Sales Manager at Quality Auto, the company that provided the vehicle for the lucky winner said, “We have been very fortunate over the last few years to partner with Chances, as we like the way they are giving back to the community.


“It is nice to be part of a good thing for the community, I am very happy to make someone smile. Chances, is doing a great job with all their giveaways.” 



Published  Thursday, February 2, 2017 


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