JA Trade Expo exposes entrepreneurship

Residents check out the goods and products that were created by the Junior Achievers

Junior Achievers of Grand Bahama hosted its Annual Trade Fair and Expo on Saturday, March 25 featuring a number of unique products that were created by the budding entrepreneurs.


Candle holders, souvenirs, home décor, bath products and serving dishes were a few of the items that the young achievers had on display at the expo that took place in the parking lot Downtown, Freeport.  


In an effort to make a profit, the students along with their advisers from various companies, were hard at work selling and showing off their wares to residents who turned out to support the event.  


Ron Dames, JA Program Manager said, “this trade fair is an opportunity for the students to come out in the public and show some of the innovative products that they have produced and put them up for sale. 


“We are excited about some of the talents that we see among our Junior Achievers, in terms of knowing the tools that are required to become young entrepreneurs.


“This is good leadership and entrepreneurship on display, publically, where they learn how to be good sales persons by demonstrating good customer service skills and also being able to explain what they have done, and market the products that they have produced,” said Dames.


He noted that the Trade Expo is just one of the activities for the JA year and, “these carry points in terms of judging and these will, in the end, contribute to determine who will be company of the year. 


“It is an event that they look forward to and what makes it so exciting is that this is the first time that they see the other company’s products.


“It is a healthy competition and the JA Program continues to make a positive contribution to the community and develop outstanding leaders within The Bahamas, itself. We are proud of this program that has been in Grand Bahama for 33 years,” Dames added.


Published  Tuesday, March 28, 2017 


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