CIDA host informative business breakfast event

The Cat Island Development Association of Grand Bahama (CIDA) recently held a successful Business Breakfast Meeting at Pirates Cove, Taino Beach under the theme, “Think! Think! Think! Success starts with an idea… Be a Producer, Start your own Business,” revealed Emily Strachan-McKinney, CIDA Vice President.


Entrepreneurs David Wallace, Soft Touch Productions (STP) President; Karen Rolle, SUNN ODYSSEY Diver’s Shop Proprietor and Rudy Sawyer, Blue Green Outdoors Eco-Tours CEO served as guest speakers for the meeting and shared insight on various topics that included ‘Group Economics’, ‘Quality Service at the Local Level’ and ‘Community support for Local Businesses.’


According to Strachan-McKinney, “The Business Breakfast Meeting was well attended and the information shared certainly helped to spark new ideas and provide technical steps that must be pursued in order to take a business idea to the next level.


“Mr. Wallace, who owns several businesses and is involved in various projects around Grand Bahama and the country at large gave the history, present and potential success of entrepreneurship to attendees as far as Grand Bahama is concerned.


“He brought into clear view the stark truth that while the average individual goes to school to obtain an education and ultimately earn gainful employment/a job to support themselves and their families no one has been taught how to achieve financial success, which requires in most cases group economics.


“Definitely there is no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM’ and no business should be run like an island because help is always needed and there are many moving parts to achieve success, Wallace admonished; therefore, it is imperative that the nuggets of truth shared are taken into consideration and applied to budding entrepreneurs’ plans in order to grow.”


Thirty-year tourism business expert Rolle also shared prudent advice with the CIDA Business Breakfast Meeting attendees stating that good customer service is key in any business.


One of Rolle’s most noted concerns, as it regards businesses on Grand Bahama involves the lack of appreciation Bahamians should show to one another, as persons whom business owners may disregard are oftentimes potential customers hence giving each other quality service should be paramount in order for one’s establishment to thrive.


She noted that this always holds true whether the business one intends to operate involves a service or product.


CIDA Business Breakfast Meeting attendees all agreed that the event proved to be very informative and enlightening and that great ideas can be borne from the natural beauty of the island.


Nature specialist and eco-tours guide Sawyer expanded upon the importance of support from influential people, investors and community stakeholders and thanked the CIDA for taking the time to empower members of the organization as well as others who wish to create a business, invest in the economy and claim their slice of the local financial pie on the small to medium sized business front.


Strachan-McKinney, CIDA Vice President noted that the organization has been around for several years and has gotten the attention of persons throughout the community, hence she encouraged anyone interested in starting a business or learning more about the CIDA to contact Rudy Stubbs at 439-5034, Vernell Thurston at 443-7756, Doris Hamilton at 439-4057 or telephone 443-3164.


Published  Tuesday, February 7, 2017 

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