YMCA set to launch new Health and Wellness Program this Friday

YMCA program director Shakeitha Henfield and fitness instructor Charmaine McNab announced the Health And Wellness Open House set for this Friday morning

The YMCA will be rolling the carpet out for the launch of a new program this weekend.


A Health and Wellness Open House will take place this Friday between 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. YMCA Program Director Shakeitha Henfield said, noting that the open house would give persons chances to learn more about the program and what it entails. 


“At the open house we will have different health professionals. We’ll have a nurse, dietician, as well as a therapist and also some of our personal trainers at the Y, and fitness instructors to help give some educational material and explain more about the program and how people can sign up,” Henfield stated.


She added that the program is for persons that walk through the doors of the YMCA on a daily basis, as well as present clients with hopes of drawing new clients. 


Henfield also stated that the Y wishes to add a Corporate Wellness Program.


The corporate members who have a YMCA gym membership can add the corporate wellness package, which would include a holistic approach to health and nutrition.


Along with the registration throughout February, Henfield said, it would include a physical assessment, fitness assessment, health screening and a risk assessment.


So far the responses have been positive according to Henfield, who also felt the residents are “looking into” other avenues to maintain their health. 


“I think they’re interested. It’s just a matter of getting them interested and sticking with the program so they can see the results, because you can’t start one week and quit and expect results.”


Fitness instructor Charmaine McNab recounted the many inconsistencies with persons starting and stopping a program at the Y. 


However, she remained hopeful that they would keep persons’ attention with the health and wellness program.


“I’m glad that they would accept it and we’ll work with them as gently and loving, and kind as we can. (We will) coax them into it, especially the ones who are the senior citizens who are doing this for the first time. 


“Those are the ones I am going to target,” she noted.


Those who cannot make the open house this Friday will be able to make appointments as to when they can go into the YMCA and find out more about the program.


Published  Thursday, February 9, 2017 

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