Third Annual SCHL Health Fair set for this Saturday

Pictured from left are Geneva Rutherford

This coming Saturday, the Sir Charles Hayward Library (SCHL) in conjunction with the Rand Memorial Hospital (RMH) and the Freeport LIONS Club, will host the Third Annual SCHL Health Fair on the library grounds under the theme, ‘A Comprehensive Eye on Health.’


According to Geneva Rutherford, SCHL Executive Director, “The Sir Charles Hayward Library is very pleased to announce its Third Annual Health Fair, scheduled for Saturday, January 21, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 


“Our theme, again, this year is ‘A Comprehensive Eye on Health.’ We are very pleased to, again, partner with the School Health Department at the Rand Memorial Hospital as well as the Freeport LIONS Club.  


“We really want to help our country and all of the citizens to focus on better health care. This effort by the library to host this health fair is in that regard. We are pleased to say that we want to invite all adults to come and get their flu shots, all women to come and hear about menopause. 


“Parents, we invite you to bring your children for their immunizations, because all of these services will be offered free of charge. We want everyone, to take advantage of this once a year opportunity that is offered by both the medical team from the RMH and the Freeport LIONS Club. We invite all to join us at the library on Saturday,” said Rutherford. 


Along with the screening that will take place, Rutherford disclosed that several forums will take place at the event as well. “There will be sessions on food and nutrition, because based on what children and adults eat, allergies can be affected. We do intend to have a special session on menopause for all females ages 35 and up, as well as a session on eye health. A lot of times we do not understand how we can assist ourselves when we know how to properly use our eyes and what to look for, when failing sight may begin to develop.” 


The screenings, blood pressure testing, height and weight, immunizations and flu shots are open to everyone, Rutherford said.


Indorsing the health fair, Dr. Chandia Hanna-Sorsby spoke to the importance of the event.


“The importance of the health fair is to really educate the public, to educate children to make healthier choices and also we educate their parents to be better examples; because, truthfully, parents have a great influence on the lives of the children and the health of their children. 


“Based on the example that they lead, whether they are healthy or unhealthy, children do follow suit. At the health fair on Saturday, we will be talking about the importance of immunizations; also we will discuss asthma, diabetes and how to practice healthy habits,” Hanna-Sorsby noted.


“It is very crucial for us to make a collaborative effort to pretty much make everyone healthier, because a lot of our children are practicing unhealthy habits, eating processed foods that are high in sodium and low in nutrition. Therefore, it is very important that we stop it before they become unhealthy adults, which expands into an unhealthy community,” stated Hanna-Sorsby


Cherlyn Bain, Principal Nursing Officer, Grand Bahama Health Services noted that Rutherford and her team should be commended.


“We must commend Mrs. Rutherford and her team here at the Sir Charles Hayward Library, for inviting us to partner with them. We have been with them from inception and over the years, it has been a very productive health fair and I am sure that this year will be no exception. 


“Like Dr. Hanna-Sorsby stated, the main aim of the health fair is to promote health through education, through sensitization and through awareness,” Bain said. 


“That is what we are all about. When we look at the health reform that we are currently in in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, called National Health Insurance (NHI), one thing that will drive that initiative is health education and change of lifestyle; also engagement, participation and collaborative efforts in terms of health being everyone’s business.  


“The idea behind this is that we need persons outside of the health sector, to help us to promote health in a wholesome way, so that persons will package it in a way that people will be more responsive and take the responsibility of their own health,” she added. 


“Certainly, it is a pleasure to partner with you again this year, as we strive to make The Bahamas a healthier nation, from birth.”


Bain appealed to the populous of Grand Bahama, to make their way to the Sir Charles Hayward Library, to support this “very good” health initiative.


Lawrence Burnside, President of the Freeport LIONS Club also encouraged all to attend the health fair. “Again we are very, very happy to partner with the health fair, again, this year. This is the third year that we have been a part of this process. As you know, the LIONS Club is one of those organizations that prides itself on its community program, which is eyesight conservation.


“With diabetes being one of the causes of sight problems, it is one of the things that we want to focus on. We want everyone coming out on Saturday so that they can actually be a part of this. We will be doing sight screening, diabetes, glucose testing and it is all free,” said Burnside.


“Sometimes we do not even understand how diabetes affects our sight and our health, so it is important for persons to come out and participate. Please bring everyone that you know of that needs some kind of sight screening; we are looking forward to helping you, and we thank Mrs. Rutherford and the Sir Charles Hayward Library for allowing us to once again be a part of this event.” 


Published  Wednesday, January 18, 2017 


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