The oxygen therapies, seed and stem cells

In 1982 I was introduced to Horace Gay the horticulturalist brought to Freeport to beautify this new city. 


He was brought specifically by Mrs. Groves, who was insistent that the ‘Magic City’ be also beautiful.


Mr. Gay took me on a trip to the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida - I was introduced to the concept of stem cells and this changed my life medically and personally.


Then I meet Dr. Theodore Bruck of Switzerland and he introduced me to a number of avante guard therapies, including placenta. He took me on a trip to Switzerland and the factory of Placenta Lucini. Wow! 


Then, when I owned my own plane, a twin engine, Aero Commander, I represented an ambulance company, and they took me to Switzerland and I was then exposed to ozone as therapy. 


I purchased a $20,000 ozone machine from Switzerland, which unfortunately exploded when some hard-headed individual used a motorola cellphone in the room despite many warnings. I was only able to replace it with a smaller unit costing over $5,000. 


I was very fortunate to obtain the hyperbaric chamber from the Rand Hospital and commenced using it on my sickle cell patients in a research treatment modality.


We now combine all those oxygen therapies in our health center often with dramatic results. Here are some of the indications for ozone and hyperbaric and seed and cell therapies.


Indicated uses for HBO

Decompression sickness - the bends

* Acute carbon monoxide poisoning

* Gas gangrene

* Crush injuries with traumatic ischemia

* Radiation necrosis (osteoradionecrosis)

* Acute osteomyelitis refractory to treatment

* Compromised skin grafts or flaps

* Profound anemia with exceptional blood loss

* Acute cyanide poisoning

* Air or gas embolism

* Progressive necrotizing infections

* Acute peripheral arterial insufficiency

* Acute traumatic peripheral ischemia

• Actinomycosis refractory to antibiotics

* Diabetic wounds of lower extremities meeting the following criteria

* Type I or II Diabetes Mellitus

Wager would classification III or greater

* History of failed standard wound therapy


Some time later we will share some dramatic examples of persons treated and cured using these several modalities.

The automobile of 100 years ago is nothing like, or not anything as effective as the Mercedes Benz today. 

Neither should medical practice!


Published  Wednesday, March 1, 2017 


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