The knee and knee-ology

When they pray, most people kneel down, close their eyes and are made to go quiet. The pastor or preacher, priest or bishop prays often from a prayer book. 


So, this being the beginning of Lent (I got my ashes on Ash Wednesday), prayer and fasting is the order of the day with many persons giving up meat, alcohol or some other habit that they should not have in any case. 


Theology - the study of God is mixed up with prejudicial policy that they forget the commander’s commands - “Watch and pray and lie prostrate before JAH JAAHOVER or ALLAH.” 


Bow down requires that one in humility lie prostrate. 


Prostration is the placement of the whole body in a reverently or submissively prone position as a means of worshipping the Supreme Being. One’s forehead must touch the ground.


Kneeling, even on a padded surface is only a gesture of the ultimate act of bowing down and in medical terms, it is inadvisable, especially if one is already having knee issues or problems.


The anatomy of the knee is quite unique and yet, because man stands on only two hind limbs, the knee bears a tremendous amount of weight - inappropriate for its design.


Horses bear a man’s weight on four limbs - but an overweight male or female bears more weight in two lower limbs only. 


Of all the joints in the body, the doctor must treat the knee alone three to four times more frequently than all others.


EXERCISE. More and more persons are in the various gyms, usually without proper supervision or warm up. Many men are doing deep knee bends with far more weight than they can handle, or for what benefits they are seeking.


“Weekend warriors” are out jogging on hard road surfaces or playing flag football or pick up games of basketball with rotund bellies and cellulite everywhere.


Even the tennis lovers are prone to hyperextension of the knee or damage to the cruciate or medial lateral ligaments.


The patella is not a bone, but calcium deposited in a ligament and is prone to dislocation or “loose patella syndrome.”


The medial and lateral meniscus can be torn and the cartilage worn.


Knee replacements have been the orthopedic doctor’s dream (financially) often costing in excess of $20,000 per knee.


ANCIENT MEDICINE. The modern jet is nothing like the Wright’s brothers biplane - and neither should modern medicine be practiced like hypocrites did. There are therapies like - platelet rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell injections for less than $1,000, which far surpass their efficacy. Google it!


Published Tuesday, March 7, 2017 


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