Simplified diet for children and optimum health

1. Diet should be food based and not supplement based - that is not dependent on children’s vitamins. 


2. Variety of good types - choose from the seven food groups: Carbohydrates, proteins, fat, fibre, vitamins, minerals and water.


3. Colors like the rainbow - at all meals, at all times, for a balance diet


4. Nutrient dense, not maximum amounts but optimum quantities. For example brown whole wheat bread, not white refined flour bread. Grits should also be yellow (as is corn). The Bahamas is now up to America with 75 percent obesity among our children.

5. The serving size must be decreased to satisfy NEED NOT GREED. 


6. Clean foods - avoid bacteria. Wash hands for at least 30 seconds in hot water with lots of soap. Be careful of food vendors at schools; and avoid backdoor meals from vendors in cars.


7. Food storage is important to avoid weevils in rice and contamination


8. Food preparation is important. Be prepared to do most cooking at home and avoid lard and greasy oils. Use Olive Oil whenever possible.


9. Enjoy your foods. They should look good, taste good, and be nutritionally good. Avoid fast foods whenever possible especially for very young children. Remember “Fast cannot be good, good cannot be cheap and cheap cannot be healthy!”


10. The meal should be plant based; not meat (animal) based. I did not say vegetarian or vegan. Balance is still the operative word. Humans are omnivorous. 


With the season like Kwanzaa and Boxing Day upon us, be careful about gluttony. Minimize or avoid pork based food like ham, bacon, pork chops etc.

Happy Kwanzaa!


~ Aman’Ra


Published  Wednesday, January 4, 2017 

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