Medical marijuana

We Bahamians have now been 44 years independent of Great Britain and as a Sovereign Nation. We have just formed the University of The Bahamas, well behind Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago - our fellow Caribbean island countries. 


Many of our prominent medical professionals like Dr. Ronald Lockwood Knowles and Dr. Michael Perry Gomez (both ministers of health) and my housemates at U.W.I. know of medical marijuana, and it being used socially or in a religious meditation. U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have also admitted to using marijuana in their pasts.


Channel 7 on our t.v. station recently documented an almost miraculous medical treatment of a child having over 200 seizures a day. Dr. Oz documented on his show six months ago of a similar six-year-old girl. Dr. Gupta documented similar cases also.




Prior to 1932 marijuana was used in two main ways: (1) as a medical marijuana (cannabis saliva) and (2) as a drug to get high.


The name marijuana is an American Spanish derivative. Other names used are ganja, herb, sensimelia, hemp and grass. It was, however, the cigarette and tobacco industry, which used its influence to “blackball” the natural herb (Revelation 22: 2 and 3) “for the healing of the nations.”


Herb is not a drug. It is an alkaloid verified with properties of healing in some of the following conditions: Asthma, backache, bronchitis, cancer, dolor, epileptic seizures, fevers, glaucoma, and sickle cell.



Herb may be taken as a tea, or even in brownies. Colorado has made its personal use legal. We need not do so initially, but surely we should decriminalize it. 


Holland has done so many years ago. How many young men are in prison for non-violent crimes simply, because they possessed small amounts of the herb? They have left stranded wives, mothers, girlfriends and children, while being imprisoned. 


Able-bodied men locked up, return to society with a record. On top of that, they have been to the “university of criminals,” because that is all Fox Hill is. There is no concept of rehabilitation.


This Really Must Stop! (TRMS). Medical marijuana must be made legally available again.


Published  Wednesday, February 1, 2017


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