Autism Part II – Can a fish climb a tree?

“Monkey see, monkey do”

It’s easy to see

Monkey climb a tree!!


My white Mercedes Benz is nothing like a Model T Ford of 100 years ago. The Boeing 777 (jet) is nothing like Wright’s bi-plane.


But the education process and the classroom today looks exactly like it did 100 years ago.


Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic... the 3 Rs. The dialogue about Autism reveals that  the very genius of (God) JAH JAHOVER. Every child is unique, special with his or her own precise purpose and assignment. This is negated by the educational system which wants every child to regurgitate the same time, in the same way.


Dresses alike and standing like a monkey in a queue without a clue.


“Monkey see, monkey do!”


The aim is to make everyone, anyone - alike, normal, without exception. “Normal scares the heck out of me.” I do not wish to “be like Mike” and like you. I am God’s (JAH) perfect creation!


She was carefully designed - her eyes, hair, color, hands and clothing etc.


She is “Julia” Sesame Street’s new character. She is autistic! She was created as a “social impact initiative” to sensitize the public to special needs and nature of the autistic child.


But it is my point that every child is a genius. He or she must simply be put in the right environment or, as in case of “late bloomers” given more time to bloom.


Einstein - E=MC2 - failed Mathematics in high school. Myles Munroe was called dumb and asked to leave Queen’s College (Nassau, my alma mater) in fourth form. 


Whatever the cause of Autism, it does not prevents us from developing unique methods of teaching, training, education that would markedly improve the intellect.


Question: Can a fish climb a tree?

Answer: If the tree is in the sea.




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Essenes of Rev. Panza


Published  Tuesday, March 28, 2017 

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