Autism – Injection or Unjection

The rhyme Autism say

He plays in a “different way”

And that’s just OK

While many diseases and illnesses

Are on the decrease, Autism is on the rise;

And we are not sure why - 

We are not wise!


Autism, previously thought to be a type of schizophrenia, in its earliest times of diagnoses; is felt to be a brain disorder in which a child, early in the newborn period, develops aberrant patterns of behavior in which they are self-dominant; often unaware of others and their environment. Autism is not a single entity but is a myriad of similar entities under one umbrella. It is a spectrum of diseases. It is very much on the increase today.

What is more interesting is that the condition appears to be much more prevalent among boys. According to the medical profession out of Germany, males are at greater risk for neurodevelopment disorders, such as autism spectrum disorder, than females, but the underlying reasons have been unclear. 

The previous American ambassador to The Bahamas has two sons who are autistic, and I too have families in my medical practice with two autistic sons or more.

Some years ago, there was a strong belief in England that it, autism, was due to the pertussis shot in the pediatric DPT immunization: that has been changed! However, autism is still increasing in frequency.

Do you remember the T.V. movie Touch, Fox TV 2012-2013?

Hillary Clinton, when she was first lady, led a strong vanguard of mothers to have the number of immunizations, given to newborn babies, reduced significantly – when her one daughter Chelsea was a child, now Chelsea herself is a mother with children.

I, three months ago, had a son born, and at two months personally took my son to the pediatric out patients for his two months “shots.” The nurse gave my child three immunization shots at one time - two in one thigh…for the next three days and nights my wife and I agonized over our son’s crying, sleeplessness, and the fever and pain and swelling he suffered.

I will not be taking him back for any more shots; and I am still highly suspicious of the relationship of those immunizations (some like DPT at MMR) having three different elements in each shot.

Sesame Street has a new character “Julia” who is autistic. The puppet master of Julia is a mother whose son is autistic. This is a “social impact initiative” to make people sensitive to autistic children.

I am sufficiently sensitized: so I will not be giving any more immunizations to my son or any other children, until this question is answered…”AUTISM - INJECT OR UNJECTION?”

Contributed By: T.R.M.S, ABBA Hebrew Y’Israelites of Rev. Panza 

Published Wednesday, March 22, 2017 


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