St. Paul’s Methodist College Pre-Valentine fund-raiser expected to kick-off ‘love month’

 Pictured from left are Lin Glinton

St. Paul’s Methodist College (St. PMC) Second Annual Night of Jazz Under the Stars Pre-Valentine event is expected to set “the mood” for love as residents prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


The night under the stars is scheduled for the Royal Palm Resort beginning at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 11, 2017.


A heavenly canopy of twinkling stars, fragrant night-blooming Jasmine, rhythmic jazz and delicious hors d’oeuvres will enhance the ambiance of the evening, revealed Bridgette Farrington and Debra Pratt, St. PMC Parents Teachers Association (PTA) Board president and vice president, respectively.


“Indeed it is a pleasure to announce the upcoming St. PMC Night of Jazz Under the Stars Pre-Valentine Event, which, based on last year’s success has shaped up to be the hallmark fund-raiser of this fine institute of learning.


“The ‘Night of Jazz Under the Stars’ certainly provides an opportunity for us to connect with the community, hence we invite and encourage the public’s support of this event.


“Couples and single persons as well as alumni of St. PMC are guaranteed an evening of sheer elegance and romance thus, we are looking forward to this event, especially as it would help us to raise funds necessary for current students and the school itself returned to its original campus, however with strategic infrastructural improvements made.


“Last year’s event was a wonderful experience and we have been determined to elevate that even further this time around thus there will be tons of prizes and surprises at the upcoming Night of Jazz Under the Stars Pre-Valentine Event,” said Farrington.


Cognizant of the fact that everyone across the length and breadth of Grand Bahama was impacted in various aspects of their lives due to the passage of Hurricane Matthew nearly four months ago, the St. PMC PTA Board president encouraged the entire community to come out and support the event celebrating life and love, which could not be destroyed by the storm.


She noted that Grand Bahama is known for its resilient spirit, “as challenges are not new to us all and the reason behind our success in the face of adversity can only be credited to Christ and everyone coming together to lending a helping hand whenever needed.” 


Of course, St. Paul’s Methodist College has endured many hardships inclusive of having to relocate from its original campus on Clive and Hudson Avenues, due to major infrastructural damages that were further compounded by Hurricane Matthew.


However, through the support of the community, work was well on its way to saving the school that produced many of the best and brightest minds in The Bahamas over the past 51 years.


“Yes, St. Paul’s Methodist College has certainly faced a series of challenges just like other individuals, schools and companies around the island. 


“And while we have put in time and effort to begin putting in the work necessary for us to return to the campus, we are devastated that we had to witness the process being made come to a halt due to Hurricane Matthew.


“We know with the help of the community we can get the train moving again to improve and restore our campus and set us on a course to home.


“We know that that dream will be realized with the support of the public, friends and alumni of St. Paul’s Methodist College at the upcoming Second Annual Night of Jazz Under the Stars Pre-Valentine Event at Royal Palm Resort,” Farrington said.


Supporters of the Night of Jazz Under the Stars are expected to be mesmerized from the onset of the event, which is set to be hosted by David Wallace.


PTA Board vice president Pratt and St. PMC School principal Lin Glinton were pleased to announce the names of featured performers stating, “A dynamic lineup of top quality performers are sure to cast an enchanting spell on attendees, which includes renowned Bahamian Jazz artist Shelley Carey-Moxey; saxophonist Ricardo Major; maestro Kevin Tomlinson and the Grand Bahama Youth Choir, the Royal Bahamas Police (Force) Pop Band, musician Mateo Minnis, Jazz and musical theatre dancer and student here at St. PMC, Ravyn Grant as well as many more.


“Also this year, we will have a fashion show segment featuring the genius of Bahamian fashion designer Vonnel Gibson of Originell’s Couture Designs, definitely this event will surpass last year’s experience.”


Principal Glinton reiterated that the Second Annual Night of Jazz Under the Stars Pre-Valentine event is the kick-off event to help the school return to its campus.


She encouraged partners, supporters, parents and friends of the school – both past and present as well as the alumni of St. Paul’s Methodist College – to patronize the event and other ongoing initiatives of the school, as every penny garnered would help current students and continue the dynamic academic legacy and future of the institution, which has been a pacesetter in the educational community for more than five decades.


She noted that the PTA Board has been working hard and the school certainly appreciates the support of the community and Bishop Ricardo Grant, Universal Household of Faith senior pastor who is a former student and St. Paul’s Methodist College Alumni Community Liaison Officer.


“Definitely, I am elated to be a part of the St. Paul’s Methodist College family and to support the upcoming Second Annual Night of Jazz Under the Stars Pre-Valentine event.


“Therefore, I issue an appeal to all and sundry to patronize this great event.


“Many have benefitted directly or indirectly from the work of St. Paul’s Methodist College, so please step up, particularly the alumni of this great institution and help the school return to a new and improved campus, as we strive to continue the legacy of magnificent Saints while moving forward in faith to achieve success,” Bishop Grant declared.


For more information about St. Paul’s Methodist College PTA Board Second Annual Night of Jazz Under the Stars Pre-Valentine Event at Royal Palm Resort please contact 352-6225 or visit Facebook at


Published  Wednesday, February 1, 2017 


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