‘Little Darlings’ believe in their futures

ANNUAL COMMUNITY HELPERS DAY – Students of Revelation Faith Academy Preschool held their Annual Community Helpers Day recently

Seniors citizens of the Urban Renewal programs across the island were once again elated to accept the invitation by the Revelation Faith Academy Preschool, to attend its Annual Community Helpers Day on the school grounds, Jobson Avenue. 

Having been invited for the past three years, those in attendance along with family and friends of the little ones were entertained by the youngsters, clearly displaying that all is not lost with the future generation. 

Pastor Sidney McIntosh, Revelation Faith Academy Chaplin noted the significance of the event and what it means to both the ‘Little Darlings,’ as well as the ‘Precious Pearls’ that were in attendance on Thursday morning. 

“This is our Third Annual Community Helpers Day. On this day the children will dress in various community helpers attire, either civil servants or other professions; it is just awesome, the children love every minute of it, and they truly enjoy it. They anticipate and cannot wait for this day, because they are so excited about it. They have the opportunity to perform in the front of their parents, grandparents and loved ones.” 

Noting that once again senior citizens attached to Urban Renewal were invited to attend; McIntosh said that it was a pleasure to welcome them back to enjoy the entertainment put on by the students. 

“Urban Renewal has the connection when it comes to the community. We partner with them to get the senior citizens here. It is not a political thing, but it is because of the initiative in partnering, that we can effectively reach those that are hard to reach. It is all about the seniors, they know more about what is happening in the communities throughout Grand Bahama, so we want to have them here.”

He added that Urban Renewal was extremely influential in transporting all of the senior citizens to the event. “They assisted us with the bus transportation, getting them from one place to the next. We bring folks from West End, Eight Mile Rock and in some cases as far as High Rock. 

“The seniors love it, they have a great time. As a matter of fact, last year when we had it they told me that they couldn’t wait to come back, especially with David Wallace here as our Master of Ceremonies,” informed McIntosh.

Charlene Wright, Office Administrator at Revelation Faith Academy, added that hosting the Community Helpers Day event allows the children to see first hand that the sky is the limit, as it relates to the professions they may choose. 

“It is so important for us to host this event every year to show our children, at a very small age, that we have Bahamian workers like their mothers and fathers that go out on their jobs to make a living. I asked the parents and guardians of our students to think Bahamian when choosing their outfits, rather than the ordinary community helper outfits. 

“As you can see even with the police officers, pilots, immigration and customs officers, the parents were excited and they put their best foot forward. 

“Today we also have teachers, lawyers, judges … it is a very exciting day for us. To put on such a show for the senior citizens, they are also delighted.  They have been talking about it for weeks, I have been getting the calls from them, letting me know that they would be in attendance,” said Wright.

“We are so happy to have them here with us; not all of the time they are able to get out, or have the opportunity to interact with children. You can tell that they love being around the children, because they are laughing, clapping and enjoying themselves. 

“We are not only entertaining them with the children, we will also give them a plate of food, fruits and a drink. We not only want to make them happy on the outside, but we want them to be happy on the inside as well. 

God has been so good to Revelation Faith Academy, with pastor McIntosh and Lady Margo McIntosh, who is the principal of the school, we have all put our heads together, along with the teachers and the parents and we made this happen yet again,” said Wright.  

Elijah Timmie, a four-year-old student at Revelation Faith Academy, appropriately dressed as a five star chef revealed that he loves to cook. Questioned what was his favorite dish to prepare, he answered, “Salad, rice, macaroni and hot dogs.” 

Five-year-old Dejahnae Farr, dressed from head to toe in a Bahamian police uniform, stated that she liked dressing up as an officer of the law as she plans on becoming one when she grows up.


Published Saturday, March, 18, 2017

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