Cooper brings new, bright look to PLP

Chester Cooper, the most refreshing aspect the small band of Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) members in the House of Assembly (just four) at the moment, has announced his intention to offer for the position of deputy leader during the upcoming October convention. It is clear that interim Leader Philip Davis is far and away the…
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New order in politics

There is a new political order in the country. Earlier this week, maiden presentations by newcomers to the House of Assembly, demonstrated clearly that there is a new order of politics in the country. We see Rueben Rahming as a prime example as to why it will no longer be business as usual in politics.…
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FNM Govt. expected to adjust PLP projects

The matured level of politics that is being ushered in by Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis is quite refreshing. No bitterness is attached to his approach to a continuance of the governance that is now fully his responsibility. Moved to the sidelines, or invited to take leave have been only those personnel in government agencies,…
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Christie’s lateness caused downfall

It was an omen of something coming, that former Prime Minister Perry Christie would not like. He was true to form. Christie reportedly was not in position to cut the Independence Cake. After waiting for a bit, Her Excellency Dame Marguerite Pindling, Governor General, asked Dr. Hubert Minnis, then only carrying the Free National Movement…
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